Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas went well

this is a brief history of Christmas with Heidi. I started with buying stuff I thought she would want. I'm not that thoughtful so usually didn't go well. I would get the wrong size or style would not be right. I then started buying her a gift card to a place she likes. She loved it, she could shop and get what she wanted, like 2 gifts in one. I started to think what if she looses the card? then we're out of luck. So I went to giving her money then to just telling her what to spend. That was pretty lame and lazy of me. Now she just buys what she wants and gives it to me to wrap. Works out great she gets to try it on and pick it out so she's happy with it but it leaves me out a bit.
So this year she asked me to get her three things that I thought of on my own. I am a last minute guy but I came up with some good stuff. These are the clues she gives me to help out. Something I use a lot like a hair dryer because you broke mine. (rc work) but not a hair dryer because I just said that. Think of the brands of things I use or things I like.
Then one day she asked if I've seen her scarf and that she can't find it anywhere. BHAM! I think hat scarf and glove combo! She loved it!
I also notice she uses her heating pad EVERY NIGHT. So I decide to find her a BIGGER one. I search and search and come up with a 30 inch by 60 inch digital heating pad for a massage table. Its not here yet but I bet she will love it.
3rd gift idea I'm kickin all kinds of stuff around finally I decide she uses the garage a lot or used to and she uses her car a lot. so I clear out the garage so she can park in it. No more cold mornings or waiting for it to warm up or clearing it off.
I think she could use a 4wheeler with a plow to clear the driveway a little better. I wonder if I should just surprise her with it???

Sunday, December 21, 2008

My boy Max

this one reminds me of a photo of Justin at the beach.
this is the cutest kid ever

taking a rest after a fierce gun battle. I was tired because Max is a better shot and I died a lot.

sometimes he does a total pose. its like he knows he can be cute and just does it to make us laugh.

I think a couple of people are trying to get my attention here

He can do a pretty scary face when he feels the need.

HD has a talent for getting him to do a nice smile. It took me a minute to realize this was in our back yard.

This kid really reminds me of Calvin, as soon as the camera is out here come the silly faces. This one is some gangsta askin "you wanna piece a me?"

My Favorite Memories of Sambo Rambo and other fond things

We helped out with a play/ dance thing this week, it was good times but Friday night we were cleaning up when I noticed that I missed a call from my mom. I called back as I sat in my truck waiting for Michael (bro in law) and Devin (nephew) to come back with an empty truck to finish loading. Mom said she had a surprise and put little Sambo on the phone. It sure was fun to talk to little Sami. After the phone call Devin and I were driving back to Highland and I was telling him all about Sami Antha. We laughed as I told the sorries of her sitting on our laps in church and sucking on your chin, or sticking her fingers in your ear to clean out the ear wackers. I didn't mention the time she beat me in a spelling bee when she was five.
I remember when she went to work with mom and dad everyday and sat upstairs watching land before time over and over and over. then she would come home and watch it again and say all the lines along with the characters. The sister missionaries sure loved her. they came to see her everyday. She was so cute as a little kid with bouncy curly hair. Everybody just loved that kid.
Oh and I remember making up a song and singing it to her. "Sambo Rambo where'd ya get that... uh...dang bow." then Sami " hey that doesn't rhyme." then she sang it with the real rhyming words. I must be white trash because hearing a little girl curse made me laugh.
I know she gets tired of these stories and everyone tells the same ones but it was still good good times. I think Roni loved little sambo the most. they loved to play together all the time and sure don"t remember them fighting. But I don't remember any of the girls fighting much.
I remember getting into it pretty good with Justin a couple times... a day. I think the worst of it was that he and I both took karate and so it wasn't just pushing and shoving, it was jump kick to the head and karate chop to the throat or open palm to the nose. Watching my nephews now I'm like "just take it outside and settle it like men." I guess my perception of a "man" is a little out of whack.
I also remember playing out back in Sunny Clutters house. Me Justin and Shasta decided to eat dog food, only we told Shasta she had to eat cat food because she was a girl. Then we made her stand against the wall and threw dog food at her.
One time we made a fort under the willow tree and set up a tent. Setting stuff up was more fun then cleaning up so the tent got left up for like a month or so, when we got around to taking it down it was full a freaky looking spiders and I got a little creeped out.
I remember playing hide and seek in the yellow house and we would always stuff little roni in the cupboard above the stairs and then leave her there. Or we would stuff her or the twins in slick sleeping bags and send them flying down the stairs towards an open heat source. Justin and I would laugh and laugh. There is a chance I was a bit of a tormentor when I was growing up.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Christmas Miracle

As an adult I have , in Christmas past, felt the pressure to pull off a miracle. My wife and I would set a budget of what to spend on each other and Max, then we would set off in different directions with shopping karts, later we would meet up with the gifts for Max and determine what we could get and what needed to go back. Then I would run around the store buying up everything I could get. I would go over budget by, well... a lot. Then rush to the register to purchase my pile and then to the car to hide it. Later I would sneak it in and wrap it but be careful to keep it hidden until Christmas morning. Then BAMB!!! A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!! Two things would happen that I didn't expect 1 my kid just plain didn't care, 2 my wife was a little bothered I had spent so much more then our budget without discussing it. What the Freak!! I just pulled off a Christmas miracle and no one is happy about it. Now I have seen both sides of this deal. As the father of a family the pressure of making everyone happy and as a child who expected more because I was told there should be more. This of course is my own perception of it. In reality I have a very unworldly wife who cares more about time together with loved ones then gifts and a son who is plenty happy with a 97 cent matchbox car. The pressure was all my doing. I realize that as the father and leader of the home a happy Christmas is about my attitude. If I feel stressed then the family is stressed, if I'm grumpy the family is grumpy. So I came to the conclusion I'm gonna forget about pulling off a miracle and just have fun with Christmas. I don't really care about getting a gift at all. I know my wife doesn't either and Max is really easy to please. I bet if there were no present under the tree he wouldn't even notice, just having mom and dad for the day to play games would be a ton of fun for him. We all know that its about the birth of Christ and we need to focus on that and we have all heard the stories of the family who does a ton for others or what ever. I know we will find service for other people, with HD thats a year round thing so I'm not gonna stress about that either. I'm just going to sit back, relax, spend some time with the family, play some games and come what may.

Strawberry Milk and Nacho Bugles Don't Mix

The other night HD and I went out on the town for a night of classy culture. She scored us tickets to a play at the Hale center in Orem. It was A Christmas Carol. If you have never been to the Hale center in Orem its very different then your typical play house. The seats are all around the stage and the stage is lower then the seats, with each row of seats higher then the row in front of it. Its really cramped and a little off to be looking straight at those who came to see the play. I'm used to only seeing the backs of their heads and a stage. This makes it difficult to use props because anything you put on stage blocks someones view. It was a great play! The actors did a fantastic job. The only thing was, I felt as though we were the "back" as it seems like I got more view time of the backside of a plump Mr.Scrooge then I would have preferred. Some people behind me were shaking ice in their cups and chomping on it, I asked HD which was worse a cell call or shaking ice? I think it may be a tie. HD even turned to give em a look, thats how bad it was. HD agreed to give a couple of the young actors a ride home, so we waited a few min in the car. We had not had dinner yet because of a big late lunch and I was enhungered. I spot a small gas station across the way and decide to grab a treat. HD asks for a chocolate milk and I snag a bag of the nacho cheese bugles for me. For some reason the strawberry milk reallllly looks good so I grab one of those as well. Back in th car I am really enjoying my snack when my stomach starts to turn. manoman it was not good, but I just keep eating. I payed the price with an upset stomach that night and into the next day. But I will always remember that date night. I think you should do something really memorable every once in a while otherwise you wont remember the good times and I never want to forget the backside of a plump Scrooge!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kathi comes to visit

some small children turned up at my door last night. they seem to have a lot of fun but I think one just turned vampire. its the yougest of the 3 and the only girl. when she looks at me she smiles but after this attack I think it may be for reasons different from what I originaly thought which was of course she thinks I'm awesome. Now I think she sees a meal.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

My buddy Jeremy

I got a call from a friend of mine tonight, you who know him call him Tall Jeremy or Tall J. you may want to call me Little J when he's around but don't. Just kidding you can it warms the cocklesof my heart. He is the tall one in the photo. I call the photo the big 3 there's Tall J, Big J, and Little J. All of us named Jeremy although Big J or Tilt spells his wrong. This was taken at Tall J's wedding, here we all gathered to look at an rc video on my phone.
but any way congrats to my good friend who's little wife is now expecting their first child. we are really excited for them and wish them all the best.
Jeremy is one of my favorite people to talk politics with, (he stays sane when we have a differing opinion).He pointed something out to me that made a little sense, He mentioned that for the past few years a lot of people have been making comments about our president that were less then friendly. Many who supported the President felt that this was very unpatriotic and had harsh words about such people. Sometimes I have heard some of the same kind of talk. "Unpatriotic, un-American, traitors, their killing our soldiers with this kind of talk". Now it seems that many who felt this way are doing just such a service for our current president elect. I don't agree with a lot of his ideas but I love this country and wish the best for it and for him in his presidency. I hope however the conservatives take note. We are not happy with the way things are coming down. Get on message and stay on course. keep your nose clean and no more "good ol boy" crap just cuz their a member of the same club. represent those who sent you and nothing else.
Anyway Jeremy is in the paper business and we have a ton of fun together. I remember once we were selling papers in New York, or as we called em papes, and ended up starting this big union thing and we broke into a newspaper place to print our own paper and pass it out. we sang, we danced. wait that may have been a movie I saw.
It will be fun to see him as a dad. getting that dad status really changes a person. especially when you hear your kid talking like you (yikes). I love teaching max what good music is. He still loves the Social Distortion cover of Ring Of Fire, although he has stopped asking for it every time we get in the truck, Finally! He has not taken to Bob Marley yet but thats some good stuff so I'm sure he'll come around.

make yourself sick popcorn

ok this is a bad idea but really good at the same time. I imagine that was what they said when the discovered alcohol.
you start by popping your own popcorn in butter flavored oil. I use one of those back to the basic devises with a crank on it. it brings back memories of sitting with my family in a one room cabin with the wind howling outside and cooking up fresh popcorn on the pot belly stove to warm our spirits. we had just put our golden lab to rest because of a case of rabies. good times.
any way once the popcorn is done put it in a large bowl and shake while adding nacho cheese flavoring, dry butter flavoring and white cheddar flavoring. these are all flavors I found at the house that wally built. then I also shake on some salt, pepper and parmesan cheese. keep shaking your not done. it should have changed colors several times by now and you are ready for the last and most important ingredient. smoke chipotle tabasco sauce. not too much just enough to give it some smokey goodness zing. it will be hard to stop eating even though your stomach may be whispering in your ear "this will not go over well" 2 hours later you should have an achy back and violent contractions of the gut, but what a ride!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

My Wife was impressed!

I really like shirkin my duties, leavin stuff half done and just plain ol procrastinatin. I busted out a little manger the other day for the dance thing HD is helping to put together. It took like 30 min and she was so happy. it looks good enough but I could have spent like a couple hours on it and I don't think she would have liked it any more then she does. I felt pretty good about myself.
Every once in a while I just throw like 10 min into the dishes, garbage dumping and bathroom. this really gets me good marks. seriously only ten min. once I did both bathrooms including toilets and trash and it only took 15 min. she was like jumpin up and down she was so happy. When she goes to young women's for like 3 hours I goof off most of the time with max and rc stuff then the last couple min I run around like a tornado cleaning and I think she thinks I've been cleaning the whole time.
So the other day I figure I will really get her excited with a new pathway made out of those little paver bricks. It took like an hour, I got up early sat morn to bust it out. used a shovel and everything. put in a couple steps at the bottom but she didn't get much excited over it at all. Oh well I guess I win most of the time with minimal effort but can't win every time. I'm just glad its so easy to make her happy. She has a cute smile and I love to see it.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Max and Me Make a Movie

So when I want to shoot a movie of my rc trucks Max is my camera man. He of course wants me to film him when he is driving also. We have some good times with it. I hoped to have a movie to put up on the web last night but the truck had issues. I hope we have time tonight to do it. He's a good sport about it and we have fun. Plus its harder for him to grab the control out of my hand when he has the camera. He does a real good job and you cant tell a 6 year old is doing the filming or the driving as the case may be. I remember when I was a "trouble teen" and dad got into cars. I was at the shop all the time and I know the "trouble" was greatly diminished. I figured I would start early with a hobby with my son and its working out great. I hope when he's a teen we can still get together and run the rc cars around. Dad spent a lot of money on the hobby we did together but I don't want to get that deep financially so I figure play cars would have to do.

Max with his mini t.
I think this is one he and I made. it may be coah runnin the camera. not positive. but either way max n me hope to make a new one this week.

Monday, November 17, 2008

A Historic Time

We are witnessing something truly historic. I have often thought if I had been on that bus in the sixties I would have stood up and offered my seat to that old black woman. My father taught me to respect my elders. Also as a gentleman I would have been obligated to give her my seat. The fact that she was a different color then me would have made no difference to me.
This is the greatest country in the world, but we have done some dumb things. This country and its economic strength and success was started, in large part, on the backs of many black men and women. Unfortunately they were not "asked" to do this great service. Then once they received their freedom they were treated horribly. Racism and hate plagued this great country. Tears and blood have been shed by so many who wanted to uphold what is right.
Now a black man is the president elect. Many thought this day would never come. As a true American I plan to stand behind and support my president. I hope the best for my country and all who live here, left, right or center. So many different opinions is part of what make it great. After all God gave us all our right to think and choose.
I have different views and beliefs on what would be best for the future of this country, but I will not let that blind me from being a witness to history.
In my previous blog I let off some steam and frustration I felt from "loosing" the election. I was never a huge McCain supporter but I voted for him because my beliefs were more in line with his then the other ticket, but I am sure that he is ready to continue to serve his country under its new presidency and I respect his attitude of humility and service and plan to follow his lead.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

To Mr. Barack Obama

I would sincerely like to congratulate you on your victory over John McCain. In and of its self was a huge accomplishment, Mr. McCain is a true American hero who has over come many challenges and obstacles in his life and has been a true servant and voice for the people he represented. He has been a name many Americans are familure with and has exhibited true bipartisanship on many occasions. He truly was poised for the Presidency. But you; a virtual unknown with radical ideas and policies was able to out spend, out speak, and over shadow such a beacon for true reform . Your skills as a political master mind have really shined threw.
I very much wish you the best and hope you see 8 successful years as the best President this country has ever seen. I hope we see real change in Washington, a real stimulation of the economy, a successful and victorious end to the conflict in Iraq and some breakthroughs in energy and health care. I hope to see a safe and secure country, reduction in crime and freedom protected. I hope you will help America shine as a beacon of light on the hill, a real example of what freedom and democracy can be.
However I have my suspicions of what may really be in your heart of hearts. I shudder to think of what you could do to this country if your most radical ideas are implemented. The devastation could last for generations. Socialized welfare and medicine would cripple our economy like a deadly cancer. It would chase the true spirit of capitalism out of the hearts of so many Americans who hope to better their future along with their families and others. Higher taxes would send the rich and their money into hiding. Large companies would fail or leave our shores rendering many jobless. These ideas and policies can not and will not work in this country.
I know you are a smart and talented man. We have seen you in action on the campaign trail. First you mezmarized us with a vision of what the future could be. You inspired many to stand up for change as you yourself changed your standing over and over again to gain the vote you needed. You more successfully wooed the media than any other has been able to, and as your prize; no one questioned your shady land deal, your attendance in a church that promotes hatred of white people and the blaming of this country for all your problems. No one questioned your friendship with a terrorist (did i miss something or are we not still at war with these people?), you were given a pass on so many issues from your past that should have in as many times spelled political death. It was amazing to watch the pied piper at work.
Please, however remember we will be voting again in the not too distant future and the American people are quite fickle. Sure we let Bill have another go at it after his questionable relationship with a little intern and Bush kept on after he lost to Gore. But this time we mean business. Do it right or you may only get your first four!!
Thanks for all you do.
Sincerely your fellow American
Mostly Broken.
PS tell Gore thanks for the internet.

Friday, November 14, 2008

My first blogging

When the Bishop called and asked me to do this blog, I thought why me. Then I thought about the topic and realized I needed this more then anybody who would read it. I looked up the word blog in bible dictionary. It has several definitions.

So anywho. I figure this is an online scrap book. Scrap booking is for girls, but hey, put it online and its manly!! Here I will talk the straight talk and all will know what I think. well all who read it I guess.

My wife (who is awesome) hates my hobby. well she hates it when it occupies all my time and I skip work to mess around with rc cars. But freak I love em!! I like building em more then driven em. but the best part is I don't know what I'm doin till the third time around so it takes forever. good times.

For those who know me not much new going on here. H.D. cleans like crazy and I'm not sure who makes the messes. I guess its the Miser and me.