Monday, February 28, 2011

the postal service

Netflix is shipping to nearly every home in the country on a regular basis and still the postal service is struggling, what would happen if they stopped hauling garbage to my mail box. seriously it just goes straight to the trash can. I just threw out like a pound of paper and never looked at it. I don't want it, I don't need it and the trash heaps around the country could do without it as well. I would recycle it but they charge me more to recycle. its like a little delivery service for trash, someone with a truck full of trash drives by and puts a little of it in my mailbox then to the next and so on soon the truck is empty and goes home for the day. I go get it out of my little box and put it in a can and a truck drives by and picks it up and takes it to a big mountain of trash. couldn't they just skip a step and drive the little truck straight to the dump and leave me out of it? I opt out!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

congress and my dishes

What do congress and my dishwasher have in common?

Neither do the job they are supposed to.

What does a congressmen in congress have in common with a dish in my dishwasher?

They both come out dirtier than when they went in.

I would like to thank the dirty buggers who passed the law taking the chemical out of dishwashing detergent that actually gets the freagin dishes clean!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

good ol' max

Max has been wanting to watch a show for about a week or more now, he has suggested it a couple times for a family movie but we usually have something already planned. so today he was asking if he could watch it. the rule is homework and reading first. he put up a fuss but finally got his homework done. so he pops in the movie he wanted to watch and gets comfortable. about two minutes later I come in with the vacuum and start vacuuming. he turns it up louder, then louder and then louder. I laugh every time he turns it up. finally he cranks it way up and gives me a look like "are serious? you're vacuuming during my movie time. I was cracking up. the best part...he was watching Charlie Chaplin, a silent movie. he just wanted to hear that piano music for some reason. he is a funny kid.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Me and Max and some heli's

Max got a little Heli for his birthday, it's one of my old ones but we had to do a little work and some upgrades to get it in the air again. After some fly time max's still looks the same but mine got about 30 seconds of fly time then decided to do a little destruction. blades, tail boom, landing gear, training gear, flybar and paddles all took heavy damage. Max was sad I had killed my heli but thought the wreck was awesome to watch. he hid in the truck bed just in case it got out of control. smart kid.


Heidi ran a 5k on Saturday and came in under 32 min, good job H-D. Her number was 123. Max and I hung out at the park while she ran, Max had fun chasing ducks and poking holes in the ice on the pond and launching boats (twigs and bark) off the bridge to the river. We also found some big rat thing that lived at the edge of the pond, we got to watch him swim under the ice after Max tried to sneak up on him. Max prayed the night before that Heidi would win or at least come in first or second or third or fourth or fifth or eighth. Not sure where she ended up but it wasn't last place which is where she for sure didn't want to be so we are proud of her and it was a fun family outing on a crisp February morning.

Friday, February 11, 2011

more good news

Heidi's hard work is paying off. I am eating healthier and have lost four pounds. I have spent a couple hours on the treadmill and last night was able to run for 40 min straight. I did some speed walking for the 20 min then kicked it up to a good run for the last 40. legs are tired today but I was impressed I could go so long. good job me and Heidi.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Eagle Scouts

over the past few years I have been asked to write recomendation letters for sereval candidates. The thing I hate about this is that the kids never see the letter. I think that's lame! it goes off to some office and is read by someone who does not know the kid and either tossed or stuck in a file. well the trash guy and dust bunnies don't give a flyin hoot about it so I decided to post the lates one here. just a note Heidi was asked to write this but I just decided to pound it out for her and see if she liked it. she did and felt we were of the same mind I wrote it from her perspective since he has not really worked for me, so here it is. what I and heidi think of our friend Brett.

To Whom it may Concern

Brett Anderson is a wonderful young man and a joy to be around. He is honest and kind he cares for others and is aware of those who are feeling down and makes an effort to comfort them. He has a passion and great love for literature and theater and art, he shows great skill in organizing planning and directing plays. He is a very talented actor and we (friends, family and associates) expect that he will excel in the arts and look forward to watching him progress and develop his talents. He is loyal without question to friends and loved ones. He is a good listener and can see both sides of a topic and can discuss without conflict sensitive subjects. He is an asset to any organization he is a part of and I have really enjoyed his company and his ability to draw people close to him as we have worked together. He is focused on the assignments I have given him and is able to complete them following my instructions. He is also service minded and I know I can count on his help and support for service projects.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

good news and bad

the good news is my cholesterol is down from 350 to 280 the bad news is my cholesterol is 280. the crappy thing about that is Heidi has now made it her personal mission in life to kick my butt into a healthier state which includes limiting my fast food intake. the five guys will probably now go out of business.
here are the questions I have. if chicken is better for you than beef, is fried chicken good for me? if fried food is so bad why does it taste so good? have you ever had the double down? its two breaded and fried chicken breasts holding bacon and cheese, is that not heaven sent? why is wheat bread so freakin dry? I nearly choke on my now wheat bread sandwiches. why does it take so many vegetables and fruits to have a five star day on my calorie counter? and why when you take a good for you vegetable like corn and cook it into fluffy pops and cover it with butter does it all of a sudden transform into a delicious bucket of heart attack?

when I die I want to have a bacon double cheese burger in one hand, curly fries in the other, a tube of milk shake running into my mouth, a tube of sausage running directly into a vein and two crisp strips of bacon stuffed up each nostril. I'll grab a double down when I get to heaven cuz obviously thats where they come from. then cremate my body then if someone wouldn't mind flying over Krakatoa and dropping my ashes in so that when that sucker blows I'll be a world traveler. and everyone who comes to the funeral gets chicken strips and a bowl of ranch. at the grave site I would like someone to pass out doughnuts, churros, and funnel cakes. then everyone go home and laugh at all the stupid stuff I've done like stealing a love meter. yes I stole a love meter. why wouldn't I, every time I gave it a quarter it gave me compliments!