Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas went well

this is a brief history of Christmas with Heidi. I started with buying stuff I thought she would want. I'm not that thoughtful so usually didn't go well. I would get the wrong size or style would not be right. I then started buying her a gift card to a place she likes. She loved it, she could shop and get what she wanted, like 2 gifts in one. I started to think what if she looses the card? then we're out of luck. So I went to giving her money then to just telling her what to spend. That was pretty lame and lazy of me. Now she just buys what she wants and gives it to me to wrap. Works out great she gets to try it on and pick it out so she's happy with it but it leaves me out a bit.
So this year she asked me to get her three things that I thought of on my own. I am a last minute guy but I came up with some good stuff. These are the clues she gives me to help out. Something I use a lot like a hair dryer because you broke mine. (rc work) but not a hair dryer because I just said that. Think of the brands of things I use or things I like.
Then one day she asked if I've seen her scarf and that she can't find it anywhere. BHAM! I think hat scarf and glove combo! She loved it!
I also notice she uses her heating pad EVERY NIGHT. So I decide to find her a BIGGER one. I search and search and come up with a 30 inch by 60 inch digital heating pad for a massage table. Its not here yet but I bet she will love it.
3rd gift idea I'm kickin all kinds of stuff around finally I decide she uses the garage a lot or used to and she uses her car a lot. so I clear out the garage so she can park in it. No more cold mornings or waiting for it to warm up or clearing it off.
I think she could use a 4wheeler with a plow to clear the driveway a little better. I wonder if I should just surprise her with it???


Kristi said...

The story was going well, until the ending. If you do the four wheeler, you'll be back to giving her money.

Shelly said...

So, um, how did that 4-wheeler idea go over...? Happy Holidays!