Monday, November 17, 2008

A Historic Time

We are witnessing something truly historic. I have often thought if I had been on that bus in the sixties I would have stood up and offered my seat to that old black woman. My father taught me to respect my elders. Also as a gentleman I would have been obligated to give her my seat. The fact that she was a different color then me would have made no difference to me.
This is the greatest country in the world, but we have done some dumb things. This country and its economic strength and success was started, in large part, on the backs of many black men and women. Unfortunately they were not "asked" to do this great service. Then once they received their freedom they were treated horribly. Racism and hate plagued this great country. Tears and blood have been shed by so many who wanted to uphold what is right.
Now a black man is the president elect. Many thought this day would never come. As a true American I plan to stand behind and support my president. I hope the best for my country and all who live here, left, right or center. So many different opinions is part of what make it great. After all God gave us all our right to think and choose.
I have different views and beliefs on what would be best for the future of this country, but I will not let that blind me from being a witness to history.
In my previous blog I let off some steam and frustration I felt from "loosing" the election. I was never a huge McCain supporter but I voted for him because my beliefs were more in line with his then the other ticket, but I am sure that he is ready to continue to serve his country under its new presidency and I respect his attitude of humility and service and plan to follow his lead.

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