Monday, November 24, 2008

My Wife was impressed!

I really like shirkin my duties, leavin stuff half done and just plain ol procrastinatin. I busted out a little manger the other day for the dance thing HD is helping to put together. It took like 30 min and she was so happy. it looks good enough but I could have spent like a couple hours on it and I don't think she would have liked it any more then she does. I felt pretty good about myself.
Every once in a while I just throw like 10 min into the dishes, garbage dumping and bathroom. this really gets me good marks. seriously only ten min. once I did both bathrooms including toilets and trash and it only took 15 min. she was like jumpin up and down she was so happy. When she goes to young women's for like 3 hours I goof off most of the time with max and rc stuff then the last couple min I run around like a tornado cleaning and I think she thinks I've been cleaning the whole time.
So the other day I figure I will really get her excited with a new pathway made out of those little paver bricks. It took like an hour, I got up early sat morn to bust it out. used a shovel and everything. put in a couple steps at the bottom but she didn't get much excited over it at all. Oh well I guess I win most of the time with minimal effort but can't win every time. I'm just glad its so easy to make her happy. She has a cute smile and I love to see it.


Sami Antha said...

I like that you posted this, it will inspire men everywhere.

Kristi said...

Crap, It wasn't Sami, It was from Kristi, I was just working on Sami's blog, under her name. I once did that under Kathi's name in my friend's blog, that didn't know Kathi. It was kind of funny in a "framed Kathi as a creepy blog stalker" kind of way.