Friday, January 28, 2011

If I had to chose

Writing is one of my favorite things to do. when I was fifteen and through a good part of my adult hood working on cars was awesome, I still love it but it can get old not to mention frustrating, cars are so compact and complicated now. I hate busting skin and knuckles. I love my new rc heli and I have loved doing rc cars but of all of it, if I had to chose one- it would be to write. It is as satisfying to me as taking a completed car to a show or seeing my heli in the air or finishing a new rc crawler build. hearing someone likes my work is an awesome feeling. I have been working on my book for nearly two years. I have stumbled, paused, rewritten, lost some and hated some of it but I still continue. one day I will finish my book and it will be published even if I have to pay out of my pocket and give it away for Christmas, birthdays or go door to door to share the message (I've done that before).
If any of my blogging friends are interested I would love to share the link with you where I keep it as a google doc. I am also looking for some help busting it down into chapters so if anyone wants that task let me know. I know it is frustrating to read and wait for more to be written and I thank those of you who have been so patient, please keep it up, your input means the world to me. I am now at the half way point at 56000 words at least I hope I am, its hard to sell something new above 100k words.
none of my hobbies I have wanted to turn into a career until now. If I could make it happen I would love to do it with writing. my father in law jokes about me being able to make up a story as fast as I can tell it, writing it down just seemed like the next step so here we are. oh by the way if you ask for the link I will hound you for input so be sure you really want to read it.
(spoiler alert!!) its about a boy who becomes a member of a secret group who works to free all men from oppression and tyranny. there is magic and friendship, some romance, fighting, some chases, big jeeps, talking animals, free running, martial arts and sword fighting. its kind of like fantasy salsa, there are even some miss spelled words and really bad grammar. the best part is- if it sucks I make changes as I go so your input can make a big change in the story. i have not yet added dragons, fairies or gnomes but its not over yet so who knows. I do love gnomes in case you are looking for a birthday gift wink wink.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

lifes little lessons

Some times in life we get the chance to learn a lesson, sometimes they are great lessons and some times they are small tidbits of information that prove to be helpful along the road. Well here is the one I learned this week. Stabbing yourself in the finger with an exacto knife is counter productive. I had planned on saturday to get my new radio controlled heli into the air. I have a new gyro and a few other parts to get it back together and functioning but first thing when I sat down at my wrenchin bench I picked up an exacto knife to cut a wire tie off and proceeded to stab myself to the bone. Heidi had just left out the door for a run and I had to call her back to help me. It needed stitches but I didn't want to go to the doctor and opted for the home remedy of super glue instead. The glue created a large wrinkled looking scab on top and didn't seal off the wound. I decided I didn't want to look at the ugliness and put a band aid on it. I figured when in doubt put a band aid on. well the band aid pushed the large super glue and blood scab into the wound and pressed the two pieces of skin apart like a wedge, instead of pulling them together. I tried picking it off but it really just hurt.
the other little lesson I learned is little things can be hard. things like tucking in your shirt, opening jars, turning on the turn signal, carrying boxes, carrying small children to their beds from the car, getting your wallet form your pocket, washing hair, tying a tie and so on. in the shower I managed to get the glue scab most of the way off. this seemed to have an odd effect on my head as I became woozy and had a strange desire to lay on the floor. once Heidi cut the rest of it off we got a butterfly band aid on it and that seems to be helping. well at least the skin isn't bulging out on one side. but it made a weird looking puckering at the end, should be an interesting scar when its all over.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Step into my office

Thank you for coming in today. I have been reviewing your record and found a few things that concerned me. First since your position was created you have not really accomplished much for us here and in fact have been creating more work for others on the team. This is not what we had in mind when we brought you on. On further review it seems you may have also been using your position and influence to advance the careers and wealth of a selected few by means of misleading and false information. It has also been brought to my attention that you have been causing a serious division amongst the work force which has lead to a severe drop in productivity and in some cases actual physical altercations.
So it is my duty to inform you that your position has been dissolved and your services are no longer needed. Security will escort you to your desk where you may collect your Nobel Peace Prize, The keys to your beach front home and any other personal belongings. Good luck to you Mr Global Warming and remember to bundle up because its FREAKING COLD OUT!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I am Magic

Yes it is true I am magic. I found out yesterday when I bought my magic floating ball. I was walking through the devils house, Walmart, checking out his goods at reasonable prices when I passed the Fushigi magic floating ball. It called to me. I ignored it. It beckoned me. I resisted. It's magic glowed from the box and it seemed to come alive, it begged me. I gave in. The magic on the box was so magical I had to pick it up. It reeked of magic. It was mesmerizing, A magic man on the box with a ponytail said it would float in mid air, it was beautiful and magnificent and only 9.98. A yellow smiling little devil confirmed the low low price. How could I put the Fushigi back on the shelf? It had called to me and I answered. The power of the Magic Fushigi would be mine, and at such a reasonable price too. I glowed as I wandered through the rest of the store or should I say H-E Double Hockey Sticks. I yearned for check out. Finally we selected a line, not too short but it had promise of speed. The heavily makeuped woman in front of us kept her visit with the neighbor she saw everyday, that happened to be passing by, to under ten minutes and it was our turn to convey our goods on the black belt and pay the man at the machine. I distracted him with chit chat about his oddly spelled name (Jerremy) so he wouldn't hear the Fushigi Magic ball call to him. Just in case it was a fickle Fushigi. Once we were home I opened it with great anticipation, it just sat there in my had, beautiful but not floating. I looked at the box again, the magic was still there printed in bright clear colors, the man with a pony tail, the Fushigi floating in front of him. Why was my Fushigi not floating?! I raced to the internet (the source of all truth and enlightenment) and searched. I found the magic pony tailed man doing amazing magic, he trained me as I watched and soon I was doing magic with my little f-ball. That's internet lingo for Magic Floating Fushigi Ball. It magically floated from one side of my hand to the other, it floated up my arm and back down. It magically floated off my hand to the floor with a loud thud, then magically raced at my wife's cheerio cabinet, no we don't keep Cheerios in it, we keep fragile things that look pretty, enclosed in glass so everybody in our bedroom can enjoy them. The Fushigi threatened to break our fragile nick knacks and I was banned from the bedroom with my Fushigi. And told to only do magic in the basement. The Fushigi wouldn't hear of it. Once out of eye sight of the nick knack guardian I was doing magic again. The Fushigi floated around my hand until I was in the kitchen where it again magically floated to the floor, this time on wood so it announced its magic properties with authority as it slammed to the floor. After several more magic floatings to the floor I became weary of the magic, it can really wear you out. I looked at my receipt and discovered that I had been charged 19.98 for my magic f-ball! what the crap was this magic? the magic price switch. I looked at the box, the magic was gone, there was just some nerd with a pony tail holding a ball on the tips of his fingers and on my desk sat a 20 dollar plastic ball. I guess it wasn't magic at all it was just me dropping the f-ball several times and no one was impressed.