Sunday, March 22, 2009

Help Wanted

Small business owner seeks the aid of AIG executive to run company into the ground. Responsibilities would include filling out government bail out paper work, Liying about how the money is used and paying self and others large bonus'. Would need experience in miss use of tax payer money and self preservation at the expense of others. Would be under contract with the option of increasing pay if company tanks within the first year of hire. Benefits include large portion of the country hating your guts and small groups picketing outside your large estate, could also have the option of taking a large severance package once company is able to collapse on its own. Early retirement with excessive dividends based on how far into the red you can get the company.
Look forward to working with you and giving each other huge amounts of other peoples money which will be vastly undeserved.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


once again not much to bloggity about. I try to do an update on Sundays as its the day for no rc and I find myself on the computer running out of places to go. and since homestarrunner doesn't do a new comic that often anymore I do a lot of solitaire. We are now on the 1 o'clock church and I have elders quorum presidency meeting in the morning so that leaves me dressed in church clothes more then I care to be.
Max is no longer on the growth shots so he has been in a better mood and we all enjoy that. He has been asking for a puppy or a kitty so he got some fish for his birthday. the nice thing is no hair or poop in places it shouldn't be. he named them blah blah and blue in the canoe. he likes to put toys in with them so they don't get bored.
HD has been sick for 2 weeks with a really weird sickness. she will feel good and get out and about then feel terrible the next day. she has also had a bad cough with it and it keeps her up at night. not much fun but we hope it is at the end of it. luckily max and I have not picked it up. she is pretty good at not coughing on stuff and keeping things clean. anyway I know I tend to run long so I'll wrap it up.