Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Max and Me Make a Movie

So when I want to shoot a movie of my rc trucks Max is my camera man. He of course wants me to film him when he is driving also. We have some good times with it. I hoped to have a movie to put up on the web last night but the truck had issues. I hope we have time tonight to do it. He's a good sport about it and we have fun. Plus its harder for him to grab the control out of my hand when he has the camera. He does a real good job and you cant tell a 6 year old is doing the filming or the driving as the case may be. I remember when I was a "trouble teen" and dad got into cars. I was at the shop all the time and I know the "trouble" was greatly diminished. I figured I would start early with a hobby with my son and its working out great. I hope when he's a teen we can still get together and run the rc cars around. Dad spent a lot of money on the hobby we did together but I don't want to get that deep financially so I figure play cars would have to do.

Max with his mini t.
I think this is one he and I made. it may be coah runnin the camera. not positive. but either way max n me hope to make a new one this week.


Kathi said...

I want to watch the video. Down load it or something to blog. -k-

Kathi said...

I mean to your blog. I really should reread these things before I post them.

Sami Antha said...

Hey bro. I just found this thing. I'm kinda slow on the blogging circuit.
You'z a funny guy.

Urmston Mom said...

So Glad I found out the secret that you are blogging. It is great to hear about the fun you are having with Max. Keep posting and we'll keep readin. The Urmston Family

karen said...

Hey E. Lee....this is so exciting! We'd love to see more!