Sunday, December 27, 2009

alien super computer

alien space craft have been spotted more and more frequently lately. they have become more bold in their appearances as well, some sitings lasting as long as 30 min or more. bright lights flying slowly in tight formations over heavily populated areas have been filmed from multiple directions. local law enforcement have taken hundreds of reports from eye witnesses. these ships have been witnessed by thousands of people in large cities all over the world. but now the aliens have taken it one step further by installing at least one super computer here on earth, there may be more it is hard to say for sure as the information is still being gathered.
we do know it weighs about ten pounds and is constructed of some type of soft, almost fatty like material, it jiggles when shaken. this super computer uses a human body as a battery, and as if this sick display of total disregard for human life was not enough, the human battery is still conscious. it is carried by the human host where ever he goes. it is a constant burden and bulges from the belly of the man it was implanted in. the super computers purpose is as yet unknown.
the implant was done late at night while the man slept, there is no visible scaring or evidence of the mysterious surgery. the man does feel some tightness and muscle soreness on the right side just under the ribs. the biggest evidence is the obvious bulge. the man simply went to sleep on Christmas eve and woke on Christmas day with this hideous protrusion just above his belt.
how do we know so much about these events? well...that man is me. i will keep you up to date as i try to discover more about this super computer in my gut and why i was chosen to carry this burden. it saddens me to not be able to see my toes but with the help of family and friends i hope to uncover the mystery of the implant and may even attempt to have it removed.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

a day at the beach or a frozen basement

today i visited a house where in the basement; water rained from the pipes above like a beautiful april afternoon. drywall was laying on the floor taking a break from hanging on the ceiling. the carpet lazily waved like a tide pool at the beech. my foot prints were visible like tracks in the sand. the sound of water falls and rain drops were all around.
our cold weather snap a couple weeks ago was a bit much for the water pipes. then our warm week this week thawed it all out.
the kicker is the utilities are all on at the meter. but the heat was off at the thermostat and the breakers were all off at the box. not sure who planned this party.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

workin on a book

been working on a book for those who don't know. about 4000 words so far. another 120000 and i should be there.
its about a kid with a magic sword. good and evil and all that. hope it comes out as good as i imagine it.