Sunday, January 25, 2009

Max kicked my butt

Well it would have been my butt but unfortunately I was facing the wrong direction. Here's what happened. I was helping Max get ready for church. I noticed he needed his ears cleaned out and I figured I would do it the way my mom always did it for us growing up. I got some cotton swabs and a wash cloth and the hydrogen peroxide. Max asked if that was for me. pointing to the bottle. I said no I was going to use it in his ears. This was the turning point. He went berzerker on me, running back and forth on the couch trying to get away, hitting and yelling about how it would sting. Finally I got a hold of both arms and was holding him so I could talk to him. We were eye to eye with him standing on the couch. I was laughing a bit cuz it was a such an extreme reaction. I tried to calmly explain that it wouldn't sting, that was alcohol. So he yells at the top of his lungs "YOU ARE LYING, I'M GONNA KICK YOU!" My reaction was too slow. This kid has power and speed. I was down for the count. HD came in a moment later to see what the ruckus was about and found me incapacitated. It took about 25 min to get back to moving semi normal and I got dressed for church and headed out the door. The belt and church seats proved to be too much and I was back home just after sacrament meeting. I taught him it was ok to kick someone there if they were trying to kidnap him. I'm fine with kids taking naps but thats not what I was forcing him to do so I was a bit upset about it. This was officially the hardest hit I have ever taken and hope to not repeat it any time soon slash ever.

I got squat to blog about

Its been a month since I blogged the crap out of it. I don't have much to blog about. I come up with stuff every once in a while but never get it on here. I figured I would just start with random whatevers and it may turn into something. HD is in good spirits. but she is just a really good person so I guess that's only natural. I remember the day I met her (for the second time. a story for another blogging) My buddy Jeremy and I were hanging out at the Denny's in Cedar talking about how bad our previous relationships had been, just tryin to one up each other. Our friend Todd was there as well but he was keeping quite for the most part. I had a good view of the cash register and noticed people as they came to pay. I look up and see this really smokin blond girl with long curly hair and electric eyes. I elbow Jeremy to check her out. And if I point her out its easy to establish later who say her first. Well he was already looking at her. (oh great) Then he motions for her to come over. (oh great he knows her! he obviously has dibs) She walks over to say hi and Jeremy introduces her to me. "oh" she says "you must be Little J." (man this is not going well.) During the coarse of the conversation I learn Tall J dated her room mate. (sweet! she is off limits to him.) I decide to try and talk her into staying and hanging out with us as she just told us she was heading home. (from a date) I try to talk her into ditching him but she is an angel and wouldn't do it.
Well a day goes by and we end up at the dance up at the institute. They have one every friday. The school was also having a dance so it wasn't as hoppin as normal at the ol institute. Tall J says "hey we're headin over to the school lets go." I had just spotted HD walking in a moment before and was trying to keep an eye on where she was so I could ask her to dance. So I tell him no thanks and walk off. I circled that dance floor and crused the hall like a shark for 20-30 min and can't find her. I decide to head on up to the school.
I find Tall J and Tilt and we danced like idiots. No seriously idiots. We were showing off these moves we learned from Beavis and Butt head and a couple ska videos we watched like 3 times a day. We had a good size crowed watching and laughing so it just fed the beast and it continued to get dumber. After we had a good sweat Tall J wanders off. Unknown to me he spots HD and goes over and dances by her. He was asking if she had spotted any hot guys at which she responds yeah, your room mate. Well Jeremy of coarse excuses himself as tactfully as he can. (he has no tact, which is probably why we get along so well.) And comes to find me. "hey, guess who thinks your hot?" I'm always excited to hear someone thinks I'm hot so naturally I'm like "who?" Jeremy does a dramatic pause for effect then replies "Heidi" I am on cloud nine. of course Jeremy knows this because I had been asking about her. "where is she?" (man I'm excited) "No no no! you can't go over now you gotta wait 3 days." We had watched Swingers a bunch of times, and well, it was what we thought to be the very definition of cool. So naturally we try to apply the rules of cool to ourselves. Just for the record I wasn't really caring about cool at the moment and I was betting she had not seen Swingers and wouldn't know the rules anyway. Well I bugged the crud out of Tall J for the next three days. Finally he agrees to take me over there. So that night we all load up in my ol jimmy, which had a 4" lift and 35" tires at the time, and head for Denny's with a planned stop at Heidi's on the way. He directs me to a small apartment complex and points out the door. I jump out of the truck and head on up. I knock and no answer. I waited an extra minute just in case. Well with a heavy heart I head back to the truck and jump in and we head for Denny's. We hung out there with our friend Megan for a couple hours consuming cokes and fries and chatting. Then we decide to head on back to our place and watch a movie. Pretty standard night for us. But now I know where Heidi lives and I'm the driver so we make and unscheduled stop back at Heidi's. I go knock on the door and she answered this time. Normally I would have been a little nervous cuz man she is a good lookin girl, but I was just so excited to see her again. I say "hey we stopped by to see if you wanted to go to Denny's..." she cuts me off and says "ok, can my friend come?" I was about to say "...earlier, but you weren't home." but instead I say "sure." I jump in the truck and inform Jeremy we are going back to Denny's, he was not excited at all. After Heidi and Tammy grab their coats they jump in the truck and off we go to Denny's for another couple hours. Luckily Jeremy and I had plenty of caffeine and sugar in our systems and we were on our game for funny. Those girls laughed and laughed. There is still a running joke from that night "I'm green!" good times. I think that night is when I really started to notice her smile. Her eyes excited me and her smile made me feel at peace.
Heidi and I ended up together every day from then until she went to Georgia to see her Grandmother and other family. We got married after only knowing each other for 5 months. She used to make fun of people who did stuff like that.
They other day HD says to me "ya know, I think I was a rebound for you and you just got lucky." I know I got lucky but I'm not sure she was a rebound. either way its been a good 10 years. we've had ups and downs but I can't imagine being any happier then I am. I'm glad I found her.
Well any way the purpose of this story is obviously that I am excited about the new Denny's they just opened up down the street. I'm gonna get me a grand slam breakfast. I wonder if Even works there? He was always our waiter and it just wouldn't be the same with out him. On second thought, maybe I'll just skip it. The food isn't that good anyway.