Saturday, May 23, 2009

the hipocracy of subaru

The problem I have with subaru is not the cars but a couple of ads they are running. In one ad they come right out and say "yes we are tree huggers" well thats all fine and dandy I think its great that a company would take it upon themselves to do positive things for the environment or at least minimize the negative impact or "carbon foot print".
However in one ad they tell a story about a guy who loved his old forester. He and a friend drive 2 cars for 2 days to get to a place called subaru heaven. Now subaru heaven is a nice place,rolling green hills, under a big beautiful tree where some genius decided that cars as good as subaru's should be parked to die. Because "you don't let your 300000+ mile forester be towed off by some wrecker to who knows where." Well let me tell you where. It goes to a wrecking yard where it can be salvaged for parts and then recycled. But I guess if your car is good enough you and a buddy should take 4 days off work to drive and burn fuel in 2 cars to park your too good for recycling subaru under a nice tree where it can leak fuel and oil and other chemicals into the roots of a tree that is clearly over 100 years old. I really don't know how they can call themselves responsible let alone tree huggers when this ad they are running just goes against everything that tree huggers stand for and I really don't know how a person who knows anything about environmental responsibility could feel good about just ditch their car under a tree in such a clean beautiful part of the world.