Sunday, November 16, 2008

To Mr. Barack Obama

I would sincerely like to congratulate you on your victory over John McCain. In and of its self was a huge accomplishment, Mr. McCain is a true American hero who has over come many challenges and obstacles in his life and has been a true servant and voice for the people he represented. He has been a name many Americans are familure with and has exhibited true bipartisanship on many occasions. He truly was poised for the Presidency. But you; a virtual unknown with radical ideas and policies was able to out spend, out speak, and over shadow such a beacon for true reform . Your skills as a political master mind have really shined threw.
I very much wish you the best and hope you see 8 successful years as the best President this country has ever seen. I hope we see real change in Washington, a real stimulation of the economy, a successful and victorious end to the conflict in Iraq and some breakthroughs in energy and health care. I hope to see a safe and secure country, reduction in crime and freedom protected. I hope you will help America shine as a beacon of light on the hill, a real example of what freedom and democracy can be.
However I have my suspicions of what may really be in your heart of hearts. I shudder to think of what you could do to this country if your most radical ideas are implemented. The devastation could last for generations. Socialized welfare and medicine would cripple our economy like a deadly cancer. It would chase the true spirit of capitalism out of the hearts of so many Americans who hope to better their future along with their families and others. Higher taxes would send the rich and their money into hiding. Large companies would fail or leave our shores rendering many jobless. These ideas and policies can not and will not work in this country.
I know you are a smart and talented man. We have seen you in action on the campaign trail. First you mezmarized us with a vision of what the future could be. You inspired many to stand up for change as you yourself changed your standing over and over again to gain the vote you needed. You more successfully wooed the media than any other has been able to, and as your prize; no one questioned your shady land deal, your attendance in a church that promotes hatred of white people and the blaming of this country for all your problems. No one questioned your friendship with a terrorist (did i miss something or are we not still at war with these people?), you were given a pass on so many issues from your past that should have in as many times spelled political death. It was amazing to watch the pied piper at work.
Please, however remember we will be voting again in the not too distant future and the American people are quite fickle. Sure we let Bill have another go at it after his questionable relationship with a little intern and Bush kept on after he lost to Gore. But this time we mean business. Do it right or you may only get your first four!!
Thanks for all you do.
Sincerely your fellow American
Mostly Broken.
PS tell Gore thanks for the internet.


Kathi said...

Wow! Jeremy I am really impressed. You are a great writer. Did you already mail this to Obama. I want to know what his reply is.

Craig said...

Yeah, count me in on wanting to read the reply. If you have a LOT of time for some very conservative anti-obama thoughts, check out John's blog at


Jer said...

Kristi's callin you out! She doesn't think you wrote this. But, if you did, she thinks that you have some talent there. And, some very great points.

We feel like you, in that there has been too much promised, and it will be hard to implement the changes that everyone wants to see. We are also fearful that BHO (Barak Hussein Obama) is going to focus more heavily on the changes that HE wants to implement, which would make our country worse off for the rest of history. As many have said, this is another major catalyst in "the beginning of the end." Let us just focus on getting our things in order and being there for our country and family when they need us most.