Sunday, December 7, 2008

Strawberry Milk and Nacho Bugles Don't Mix

The other night HD and I went out on the town for a night of classy culture. She scored us tickets to a play at the Hale center in Orem. It was A Christmas Carol. If you have never been to the Hale center in Orem its very different then your typical play house. The seats are all around the stage and the stage is lower then the seats, with each row of seats higher then the row in front of it. Its really cramped and a little off to be looking straight at those who came to see the play. I'm used to only seeing the backs of their heads and a stage. This makes it difficult to use props because anything you put on stage blocks someones view. It was a great play! The actors did a fantastic job. The only thing was, I felt as though we were the "back" as it seems like I got more view time of the backside of a plump Mr.Scrooge then I would have preferred. Some people behind me were shaking ice in their cups and chomping on it, I asked HD which was worse a cell call or shaking ice? I think it may be a tie. HD even turned to give em a look, thats how bad it was. HD agreed to give a couple of the young actors a ride home, so we waited a few min in the car. We had not had dinner yet because of a big late lunch and I was enhungered. I spot a small gas station across the way and decide to grab a treat. HD asks for a chocolate milk and I snag a bag of the nacho cheese bugles for me. For some reason the strawberry milk reallllly looks good so I grab one of those as well. Back in th car I am really enjoying my snack when my stomach starts to turn. manoman it was not good, but I just keep eating. I payed the price with an upset stomach that night and into the next day. But I will always remember that date night. I think you should do something really memorable every once in a while otherwise you wont remember the good times and I never want to forget the backside of a plump Scrooge!

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