Wednesday, February 29, 2012

thank you thank you thank you

Who ever you are that gave me such an awesome gift I just want to thank you, it was so amazing.
To those who do not know of what I speak I will tell you. Someone who knows me very well bought me something I have wanted for quite some time. I even tried to stand in line at best buy for it on black friday but they didn't have enough and the line was crazy long! But someone found one for me and left it on my doorstep with a little note, it kind of made a little tear come to my eye. But after a long wait I do finally have (thanks to someone) an asus transformer with the keyboard and a little sleeve. pretty awesome for sure! Its a little android tablet with a plug in keyboard that turns it into a little laptop. Its the perfect traveling combo for work and fun and great fun around the house. I am soooo excited. I have it plugged in charging right now.
When I got home there was 3 packages on the doorstep and I was like "that's weird, I don't remember ordering anything" Then I thought what in the world is this? each package had a little note and I opened the first which was the sleeve and I thought "this is odd," then I opened the second which was the keyboard I think and I was like "No way!" then the last was the tablet and I was jumping on the bed and jumping in the trees. well I'm goning to go play with my new toy now.
thank you again, I really really love it!

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