Monday, February 27, 2012

It is Finished

Finally after several months of work and a near constant flow of my hobby funds my Align T-Rex 600 is finished. It was a big learning experience and required the help of friends but tonight I finally finished it. It is crazy powerful and could easily decapitate a full grown human (I sure hope I never do that!) But it is ready to fly!!! I can't wait to crash it and start all over again!
From the tip of the blade to the tail is over 5 feet long!
Here you can see it next to my little 100.


the3bfgs said...

So are you going to test its decapitation skills on your Justin Timberlake puppet?? :D

Mostly Broken said...

lol no ol' timberlake is going to be the driver on my Jeep I'm building. I just have to use the belt sander to remove his golden curly locks and some spray paint to make his hail look manlyish

Mostly Broken said...

I crashed this dumb thing on my first flight and now it's a big pile of parts or should I say bile since it made me feel like puking