Saturday, February 4, 2012

Valentines Date

We did our valentines early this year and had dinner at the Chart House, it was awesome! Heidi planned it out, we had a view of the ocean as the sun set. the waves were big all night and we watched a bit of surfing as well. The resturaunt is a nice place, very nice actually, most people dress up fairly snazzy for it. for me that meant jeans without stains. We did a double date with Kristy and Jer and though we laughed a lot the funniest part was when some mother started haninging birthday decorations on the wall. Like hey lets go to a really nice place for your birthday and redecorate it! oh it was too funny, of course the manager had her take them down. probably because they already paid a decorator and the chrome "happy birthday" streamer didn't fit the motif.

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Kristi said...

Good times! It's so weird that you misspelled your sister of 30s name. Strange, was it on purpose?