Saturday, February 18, 2012

my new collectors item

I just picked up a Justin Timberlake Marionette... (silence...crickets chirping in the back ground)... that's right its a puppet of Justin Timberlake. I thought I could sell it on ebay but they seem to be pretty common. I'm not sure but I think if I was a super pop star in a freaking awesome band like nsync and someone came to me and said hey I want to make you a puppet I would say no. Now I didn't buy the thing, we found it in a house that we had to haul all the trash to a storage unit then wait thirty days and haul it away. So no I am not a JT fan but I thought hey I could make a buck of some cazy chic but no, the crazies are not bidding on the JT puppets, not sure why, it seems so utterly awesome. Sure the puppet looks like a 40 year old with bad skin and weird hair but the package says Justin Timberlake on it and Nsync so why wouldn't the crazies want this thing? oh well better luck on the next job I guess.

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