Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Making the best of a cold day

Well with the unusually warm and snowless winter we have had this year I figured by end of February we would have flowers popping out of the ground but instead winter decided to come several months late. But max was able to make the best of it by curling up with a good book about Bad Kitty and a cup of hot cocoa and bowl of popcorn. Mom on the phone was an added bonus to the comfy set up he has in my office. Later he wants to have daddy son time watching Invader Zim. any time he wants something he figures if he calls it daddy son time he will get it, clever kid. I could easily talk him into sledding and making a snow man but I am a terrible father and would rather skip the cold and wet.
We are missing Mom for sure, she is in St George helping out with uncle Richard in the hospital for a few days. But we are having fun none the less. Come home soon Heidi, your side of the bed is weird without you there and your bright smile and sweet eyes really warm up the whole house.