Monday, February 28, 2011

the postal service

Netflix is shipping to nearly every home in the country on a regular basis and still the postal service is struggling, what would happen if they stopped hauling garbage to my mail box. seriously it just goes straight to the trash can. I just threw out like a pound of paper and never looked at it. I don't want it, I don't need it and the trash heaps around the country could do without it as well. I would recycle it but they charge me more to recycle. its like a little delivery service for trash, someone with a truck full of trash drives by and puts a little of it in my mailbox then to the next and so on soon the truck is empty and goes home for the day. I go get it out of my little box and put it in a can and a truck drives by and picks it up and takes it to a big mountain of trash. couldn't they just skip a step and drive the little truck straight to the dump and leave me out of it? I opt out!


Mostly Broken said...

just got another half pound of trash dropped off in my little curbside trash collector.

the3bfgs said...

It WOULD be nice wouldn't it! Problem is, the payment they get for hauling that trash to you is the majority of their revenue. Dang it.