Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sugar High

Is there any more efficient way to get your sugar into your system than drinking soda from a licorice straw? I don't think so.
Me and sugar have a long history together, it's a love hate thing. I can't seem to get away from it. When I was a kid I used to hide in the storage closet and spoon it raw. Afterwards I would come out all crazy and run around like a lunatic. My dad would yell "Who gave him sugar?!" then send me to run around the house five times. After running I would come in and jump in his lap and continue the insanity. He would usually throw me to the floor and send me to run around the house some more. I usually was laughing my head off uncontrollably the entire time. I would also grab the kool aid container as it got towards the bottom and drink it, thats where all the sugar would settle and it was like a sweet punch on the accelerator. My dad would try to get it away from me before I could guzzle it down but I have lightning quick ninja fighting reflexes and there was nothing he could do about it.
Later in life I still freak out with a good sugar high, afterwards I get really embarrassed about it and tell Heidi to stop me next time we get invited somewhere. She tries, bless her heart, but I go from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hide when there's sugar around. We even have a code word but I usually ignore it.
Recently I found out that some of our friends plan the party around my sugar buzz and set out the things they know will trigger my addiction and subsequent high the quickest. If I don't start on my own they will pick up the candy bowl and offer it to me. If I have the will power to resist, (a really full stomach) you can see the look of disappointment in their faces.
Sugar, I hate you, please be mine forever!

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