Friday, February 4, 2011

Eagle Scouts

over the past few years I have been asked to write recomendation letters for sereval candidates. The thing I hate about this is that the kids never see the letter. I think that's lame! it goes off to some office and is read by someone who does not know the kid and either tossed or stuck in a file. well the trash guy and dust bunnies don't give a flyin hoot about it so I decided to post the lates one here. just a note Heidi was asked to write this but I just decided to pound it out for her and see if she liked it. she did and felt we were of the same mind I wrote it from her perspective since he has not really worked for me, so here it is. what I and heidi think of our friend Brett.

To Whom it may Concern

Brett Anderson is a wonderful young man and a joy to be around. He is honest and kind he cares for others and is aware of those who are feeling down and makes an effort to comfort them. He has a passion and great love for literature and theater and art, he shows great skill in organizing planning and directing plays. He is a very talented actor and we (friends, family and associates) expect that he will excel in the arts and look forward to watching him progress and develop his talents. He is loyal without question to friends and loved ones. He is a good listener and can see both sides of a topic and can discuss without conflict sensitive subjects. He is an asset to any organization he is a part of and I have really enjoyed his company and his ability to draw people close to him as we have worked together. He is focused on the assignments I have given him and is able to complete them following my instructions. He is also service minded and I know I can count on his help and support for service projects.

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Pam said...

very nice! he's a keeper!