Monday, February 14, 2011

good ol' max

Max has been wanting to watch a show for about a week or more now, he has suggested it a couple times for a family movie but we usually have something already planned. so today he was asking if he could watch it. the rule is homework and reading first. he put up a fuss but finally got his homework done. so he pops in the movie he wanted to watch and gets comfortable. about two minutes later I come in with the vacuum and start vacuuming. he turns it up louder, then louder and then louder. I laugh every time he turns it up. finally he cranks it way up and gives me a look like "are serious? you're vacuuming during my movie time. I was cracking up. the best part...he was watching Charlie Chaplin, a silent movie. he just wanted to hear that piano music for some reason. he is a funny kid.


Kristi said...

I didn't realize you started blogging the crap out of it again. I checked on your blog to find 3 I've missed. Good job heidi with the 5k! And I'm suprized you could run for 40 min! That was probably a 5k for you.

the3bfgs said...

Oh gosh I love Max! He's awesome!