Sunday, March 14, 2010


our little adopted cat is living a lifestyle that we do not teach in our home and the result of it is two new kittens. the looser no job father has not been seen for weeks and I am sure she will be wanting me to pay for her two little furry illegitimate children. i saved her little abandon butt from an apartment and this is how she repays me?! max and heidi are smitten by the little fur-balls and have had a bunch of visitors over to see the little wretches. i'm sure the cat is just loving all the attention and thinks this is a great way to get what she wants. "hey if i'm not getting the love i need i'll just pop out a litter of kittens and everybody will be all over me, with food and treats and petting and electric heaters." she is such a little plotter. if she insists on living such a lifestyle I will require she be fixed. i don't want to turn into the cat lady or some weird crap like that. ok so i set up the electric heater and i was the one who kept checking the box to see why she wouldn't leave it the past couple days. and i was the one who found the little guys and they are cute but i'm not gonna get suckered into her little attention trap!
(i'll post photos later.)


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Laura said...

I'm glad you're not getting sucked into her attention trap! Since you've done all those things for her it would be a shame to lose face and become smitten with her OR or cute, tiny adorable kittens!:)

American Mom said...

You are too funny!