Sunday, March 7, 2010

attitude adjustment

before i start this post i want to first say this is not a feel sorry for me or any such, i just realized some things today and thought i would put them up. life has been going pretty well for us but we recently hit a few bumps. the furnace started acting up and had to be replaced, then all three cars check engine lights came on, well one a while ago but the other two joined in the party and last night we found a leaking pipe threatening to drop the basement ceiling and some interesting mold.
at one point i expressed some frustration with a bad attitude it was about 30 seconds long and i realized it was all just a test and that so far i was failing. i decided to get my attitude back in line and think of things a different way. i bet the pioneers would love to have my two trucks with check engine lights on. they would be amazed at what could be done with a rough running truck even if it only lasted till the tank went empty. thank goodness i have a furnace to act up and at least it wasn't the water heater too. and we found the leak and its in a pretty accessible spot where i wont have to pull down the drywall and at least its clean water not sewage. and i bet there are people in hati and chili or any number of places on earth that would love to trade for my troubles so i better stop whining like a spoiled brat and be glad I have the tools and know how to fix my own junk.
we got a great deal on a furnace and i replaced it my self, it was kind of fun and a bit of a pain in the rear. one truck probably just needs new spark plugs and i know how to do that. the other probably needs an oil change or other scheduled maintenance and the car needs a new cam censer and that will be less then 200 bucks (first quote was 600+)i can fix the pipe for a few bucks and a couple slivers, i handle mold all the time so no biggie. at the end of it my wife will think i'm a super hero and she will probably jump into my arms and kiss me on the mouth so it comes out pretty positive really.