Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why won't my fish die!

One day we were locking up a vacant home, the girl who grew up in the house married the boy next door and they just happened to be living in his parents basement at the time, she came over to make sure she didn't have any stuff left there. I noticed the fish on the counter, it was I believe October and the power had been off for a while. It seemed to be floating on one side then would flinch and roll over and float on the other side. I asked the girl if she was going to take it home with her. She was quite surprised it was still alive since the family had moved out in November. That's right the fish had been on the counter through the winter and almost a year. Somehow it had survived. I fed it and it seemed like it had forgotten what food was, it just floated next to it, then something in it sparked and it started eating again, after about a half hour it was swimming around like a normal little fish. Well I couldn't just leave it there so when the girl said she wasn't going to take it I asked if I could take it home, Max's fish had just died like the month before.
Well here we are now like two years later and it's still alive! I thought gold fish only lived a year but something must have happened in that toxic waste pit of a tank and mutated this little guy because he seems to be immortal. Maybe he is the Wolverine of gold fish. I need to change his name, Mr. Fishy doesn't really fit a mutant fish how about Logan Scott Monroe

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Kristi said...

I love this fish. I wish it was mine. He's a survivor.