Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cali Trip

Just got back from California, got a tan and a few bruises trying to surf. Heidi got some sort of insect bite on her foot and it doesn't seem to want to go away. We got a lot of beach time and family time. Lots of fun for sure. Only caught one wave surfing but got a ton boogie boarding and you never need much of a wave to skim board. Heidi read some books and tried the boogie boarding, she is pretty good at catching the waves. Kristi and Jer put us up for a couple days and the food was great throughout the entire trip, I haven't gotten on the scales to see the damage yet but once you look past the sunburn on my belly you will see I don't look too fat so hopefully I can just keep heading for my goal weight without out too much set back. Heidi wants to go again so we can hit Disneyland but that will have to be after school starts up again. Can't stand it when its busy.

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Kristi said...

maybe by then we'll have our new house. i think mom ran out of vacation time, so she wont be able to come. you should post pictures. and my bug bite is still going strong and itching like mad.