Sunday, February 1, 2009

The First Time Heidi and I Met

The story where HD and I met at the Denny's is not the first time we met. The truth is we met about 9 months earlier. It was a big ska thing in Parowan. I went to see some friends band play. I think at the time I knew kids from 3 of the bands that were playing. I was skankin around by myself because most of the people I knew were on or back stage. Then three girls come up to me, no doubt drawn by my sweet "pickin up change" move. They had a hot front girl and a couple that I was not interested in at all. Now I've seen this move before, its called the bait and switch. Here is how it works. The hot front girl has a couple friends that no one will hang out with. She has a guy she wants some time with, so she finds other guys and gets a group thing going. She sticks close to the guy she is interested in but keeps flirting with the others to keep their attention all the while pulling in the friend she intends to set you up with. Then once the not as attractive friend is comfortable talking and dancing next to you the hot girl and her guy move away while no one is looking. This was done to me once and it ticked me off. Needles to say I was not going to let it happen again. Here is how I spotted what was coming 1 hot girl with 2 less attractive friends (I didn't say un attractive). This is a key give away. Now obviously a hot girl can have less attractive friends but usually they will be capable of getting a guy on their own. This was not the case here, or at least thats what I suspected. The other give away was the look in one of the other girls eyes. It made me shutter. Now I'm not trying to be rude or anything just telling the truth about what I thought was happening. Well I recognized this scam at once and moved on. I think I hurt Heidi's feelings because she is an angel and would never do anything like that and was confused by my lack of interest when she used her most interesting smile, but at the time thats the feeling I got about what was happening. The relationship I had just started lasted 9 months and was well... crappy. Not all of it of course but enough of it. Long story short, had I played my cards differently that night I could have avoided a bad relationship and been married to my sweet love even earlier. Oh well live and learn I guess.

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Skyler Call said...

Can we see that "pickin up change" move at the next show and tell?