Sunday, January 25, 2009

Max kicked my butt

Well it would have been my butt but unfortunately I was facing the wrong direction. Here's what happened. I was helping Max get ready for church. I noticed he needed his ears cleaned out and I figured I would do it the way my mom always did it for us growing up. I got some cotton swabs and a wash cloth and the hydrogen peroxide. Max asked if that was for me. pointing to the bottle. I said no I was going to use it in his ears. This was the turning point. He went berzerker on me, running back and forth on the couch trying to get away, hitting and yelling about how it would sting. Finally I got a hold of both arms and was holding him so I could talk to him. We were eye to eye with him standing on the couch. I was laughing a bit cuz it was a such an extreme reaction. I tried to calmly explain that it wouldn't sting, that was alcohol. So he yells at the top of his lungs "YOU ARE LYING, I'M GONNA KICK YOU!" My reaction was too slow. This kid has power and speed. I was down for the count. HD came in a moment later to see what the ruckus was about and found me incapacitated. It took about 25 min to get back to moving semi normal and I got dressed for church and headed out the door. The belt and church seats proved to be too much and I was back home just after sacrament meeting. I taught him it was ok to kick someone there if they were trying to kidnap him. I'm fine with kids taking naps but thats not what I was forcing him to do so I was a bit upset about it. This was officially the hardest hit I have ever taken and hope to not repeat it any time soon slash ever.

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the3bfgs said...

Oh Jeremy. I am still laughing and I know I shouldn't. I'm sorry. Oh dear. He's one tough kid, that's for sure.