Friday, November 18, 2011


Heidi took me to a newish Mexican place in Orem off of 8th north. Not sure how to pronounce the name but I must admit I have had fun in trying. Especially with my fake Hispanic accent.

I had a really fun time, my wife was as cute as can be in her little grey coat. She never took it off because I think they were running the ac in there even though it was like 30 degrees out and blowing like crazy, even I was cold but I can't eat with a jacket on.

The waitress a bubble of fun and loved Heidi's hair. It did look very nice by the way, which it pretty much always does. I can't remember our waitress' name but she wasn't gonna give an inch on my off the menu dish ideas I was trying to order. Good for her standing her ground but dang it I want a fish chimi!

I ordered the seafood quasidilla or how ever its spelled. I forgot to read the ingredients cuz I hate shrimp. It was actually really good even with the shrimp in it. I will try something else next time though. I like the seasoning and flavors the food had. I just wish they had Horchada. I know right how can it be Mexican without Horchada. The waitress said it was a low seller so they took it off the menu. Dang!

I think one of my favorite parts of the evening was a young man named Jackson Danger. I think he was about 13 to 14 and had a little hat and a guitar that he totted from table to table playing songs for the guests. He was a riot to watch and listen to. He had no qualms about going right up to adults eating dinner and telling them he was gonna play them a song. He knew his stuff too and was great on the guitar I couldn't believe how talented he was.

All in all it was a very fine date and lots of fun so if you are looking for a Mexican food experience try out Milagros, not perfect but for sure worth a try.B e sure to go on Friday nights to check out Jackson Dangerous. Take a few dollar bills too cuz he works on tips.

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