Sunday, November 20, 2011

Swamp People

Has anyone caught an episode or two of this History channel show?
It is so funny I just crack up watching it. Don't think I am making fun of these people because I'm not, I think they are adorable. I know a manly man such as my self should not use the word adorable but I have to with these people. They have the thick thick accents and wear the same clothes everyday and its fun to see them get excited about finding a gator on their lines. Ooooohhhhh that's a bigon there, shoot it shoot it!

My favorite part of these people is how much of their lives are centered on family. As soon as they shoot a big turkey for thanksgiving dinner they say "ohhhh mamas gonna be happy about that!"

There are two brothers with long beards and toothy grins that are sooo funny. "I got the guns lets go. Why you puttin on shoes?!" "Cuz its gettin cold, I gotta keep my feet warm somehae." They head off into the swamp looking for squirls and end up shootin a couple rabbits then come across a neighbor floating down the river and trade a rabbit for a couple of snappin turtles. Then who comes to dinner? the neighbor who traded for the rabbit. He got a rabbit then come over for turtle soup and a couple of bites of the other rabbit.

They get so excited about smokers and guns but for the most part they don't have much in the way of worldly possessions and don't seem to care much about them. They love to cook for big groups and invite everybody over. And they go on an on about how good the food is. And it must be because most of the good ol boys got a nice gut out front.

Life seems so simple for these people, go out and shoot something and bring it back for dinner and invite everybody over. I think they got it right in the swamp! Whats more enjoyable than food and family?

Most of the gater huntin crews are made up of father and son teams. When you're able to spend that much time with your son you have a pretty good chance he'll turn out decent.

Here's what they learn in the swamp, family first, your family depends on you for survival, all you need to provide is a boat, a gun, bait, line and hook, and someone to help drag the gater in, preferably family.

There is drama as well, but usually they blow off steam pretty quick and get back to business. They show real humility but at the same time pride in who they are. They give thanks to God for what they have and consider it a blessing to never need to leave the swamp to provide for their families.

You know your a man in the swamp when someone says "he shoots like John Wane" and you can stand in a boat and drag a 750 pound gater in nearly by yourself without tipping over. I know I can't do either of those things, so maybe I'm not as much of a manly man as I thought I was. I better go build something to make myself feel better.

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Mostly Broken said...

I just found this, its pretty much the idea of the entire show.