Sunday, October 2, 2011

People who video tape stuff

In life there are glorious and wonderful events going on all around us, graduations, fireworks, air shows, first steps and so on. Sometimes we feel so inspired by these events we want to cherish them forever. The obvious solution is to video tape it. But here is the result of video taping in my opinion.
You get out your little video taping machine and depending on how much you spent on the machine the smaller it is. Then instead of watching such a momentous occasion in real life splendor you are now watching through a tiny two inch by three inch screen to make sure you got it all. As you walk away from the awe-inspiring event listening to everyone talk about how great it was you beam with pride that you were smart enough to catch it on video. Then you tuck that little gem of a video safely away in a special pouch in your video taping machine carrying case that quadruples the size of you expensively compacted for convenience video taping machine. Now that precious memory is safe forever. 
Some time down the road you may find yourself at another of life's grand events that requires video taping and be short on tape, you will frantically rummage through your giant bag for a blank tape to record the amazing things that are going on around you, sifting through cords and adapters, chargers and cases. You will come across your stash of tapes tucked safely away for future viewing and now you have a decision to make- which one of these is less valuable than the current wonderful event. By now your wife will have said two or three times "you're missing it". Quiet woman I'm looking in this bag! Finally after you have weighed each of these precious memories and decided which was of least value- you will pop it in and rewind it in time to catch the last few minutes of the momentous event you are currently there to see. Now you have successfully captured the last few minutes of your child's performance in a play and the tail end of a laser light and water show. Grand and wonderful moments in life caught on a video tape that will never leave the safe confines of a giant padded bag.

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