Sunday, September 11, 2011

Are Tattoos really so unique?

We just returned from a trip to Disneyland, it was a ton of fun. We did nearly everything the park had to offer.

While we were there I couldn't help but notice how many people have tattoos. It seems nearly everyone had at least one and most had many. They were plastered all over the body of the owner. Tattoos used to be a statement, a permanent mark of something you felt strongly about, now there are so many it's like a constant blast of rebellious advertising. Everybody all at once yelling- I'M A REBEL! I checked the stats to see how many Americans have tattoos, I was surprised to find only 24%, I would have guessed much higher by what I saw. For age 18 to 29 its 36% and growing quickly. The old tattoo artist saying of "the body is a blank canvas" isn't true anymore somebody doodled all over it.

Does your tattoo say who you are? I'm a complex person (or at least I like to think I am) I like lots of things. I don't think there is a tattoo that would really explain me very well. I like cars and jets and UFOs and motorcycles. I also like robots and TV, monster trucks, and helicopters. I like to hike and bike and swim. I'm a pro at slip and slide, I like surfing and snowboarding and wake boarding. I like sharks and tigers and snakes, birds of paradise. I like puppies and kitties. I like music too headbanging hard crap to classical and religious. What tattoo shows all that?? A spider web on my elbow? I can't even see that! The best place for me to see what I am showing off is on my arm or hand and whats right side up for me is upside down for everyone else. I have been inspired by lots of different sayings, I don't think I could pick one or even a dozen and if it was on me it would have to be miss spelled to really be me.

Most of the guys in my favorite bands sport tattoos and even full arm sleeves, and they look cool. I have even worn the fake arm sleeves for Halloween but my wife chucked them when she saw a sexy lady on them. I think the best tattoos are the tribal style that reflect who your people are, but I'm not from any tribe with cool looking designs. I'm just a white guy with danish roots. Do I get a tat of a good danish on my arm, I have never seen food tattooed on anyone. I think it would be lame, and make me hungry all the time.

I saw an old guy with his shirt off and a big ol' red devil covering most of his back. I wonder if he remembers he has that. I wonder if he is still such good buddies with the devil or if now that he has grand kids or is approaching the end of his life if he has a religious side. And why does the thing look like a magic marker drawing that has been threw the washing machine about 100 times too many. I really had to give it a good look to figure out what it was.

And then there is quality to consider one guy I saw on TV really loves his dogs so he had them plastered on his back. Two of them look kind of cartoonish and faded, now he has a new dog and a new artist who made it look like a photograph of his dog on his back, really nice work, but it really makes the other two look stupid.

To those who have them I mean no disrespect or to make fun I just don't understand. I have seen some that are cool but none that I would want to see everyday. Or make my loved ones see everyday. I have even considered getting one but the concept that has always stopped me is that- at some point I will grow up and then what? Will I really still love what I have done to myself?

people making comments please be aware I have friends and family who have strong feelings on both sides of this issue and I am not trying to turn my blog into a debate. its my blog where I express my feelings but I ask you to be considerate of my associations when commenting. people who read this know me but they may not know you.


Pam said...

Ha! I love the part where you said it would have to be mispelled to be you. ;-)

Craig C. said...

I saw this guy once in the check-out line who had Mario Brother's characters tattoo'd all over his body (well, his arms, shoulders, and legs, anyway, I can only guess about the rest). I thought to myself, "WOW... that guy LOVES Mario Brothers."

Kristi said...

Yes, you are quite the individual. There is no tattoo that could describe you right. And you crack me up.