Sunday, April 10, 2011

where in the world are my readers

I found an interesting little tab on my blog that told me where people are that read my blog. here is some of that info
United States
South Africa

I have friends I never knew about. it also tells me what search got them there. among the top were worst ways to die and get rich quick.
Kind of funny I think. also the tracker tells me when people have been reading and how long they are on. It's been slow lately so it must be one of two things, no one likes the posts or the weather is getting better and people do not need online entertainment like they used to. either way it makes me feel less pressure to write since it is not being read. I know I just blogged on myself is not about being read its about being written but still it kind of feels lonely and empty and pointless.
but who cares I like to write, especially random and wreckless with a total disregard for spelling and puntuation and grammar and structior.

here is some news on whats up with us. ran a 5k with heidi yesterday, it was cold wet and snowy I burned a hole in my lungs or should I say froze a hole, sounds weird. it was a little neighborhood get together with proceeds going to a family with medical bills for their late daughter, sad. I came in last place behind ladies pushing carts with babies and ladies carrying babies in their bellies, small children, a dog and a dead duck. I was at the thirty min mark which was nice but someone cut the rout short and it was only 2.9 miles. what the freak I was robbed.

I am currently still writing my book, now at 73000 words and in need of a rewrite. the first happy potter was only 76000 words so I need to wrap it up soonish. I figure im just over halfway there. yikes

started a new rc build and did a rebuild of my rock crawler to make it a rock racer. the new build is a jeep, love the jeeps. im trying to make it look as real as I can. I cut out my chassis and found it is a bit too wide but with the servo where it is I cant make it much narrower so we'll see how it comes out. may have limited travel. I'll post up some photos and do a write up on it.

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Skyler said...

Jeremy, I read your blog posts in Google Reader. That probably doesn't show up in your tracking tool.