Saturday, April 16, 2011

solution to the energy crisis

I have several ideas that could solve some of our problems with energy. the main concern for most of us is cost the second would be environmental impact. after all we are all capitalists then tree huggers. first off the main problem with our cars we have to get around and we like to be independent about it, most of us would not set foot on a bus unless we had no choice or it was a benefit to our pocket book and it would have to be a big benefit. good for you if you do tho. I, like Pikkins or what ever his name is, would have to say the best and quickest and most cost effective would be to switch to natural gas, its clean, cheap and abundant, our skies would clear up pretty quick and we have our own, no need to go across the ocean for it. Ultimatly our goal for transportation should be in the direction of hydrogen. but thats a ways off so for now lets go natural.

I would also support geo thermal energy for heating and cooling our homes, it makes perfect sense to me, the earth stays a constant temperature just under the surface and all we need to do is use that energy, its free! we would have some cost for electrical to run it and up front costs are high. lets stream line the system and all get on board the cost will go down and the system pays for itself in 8 years. its more comfortable too.

we need to stop making electricity with coal burning plants and I think more dams are not that good of an idea, given recent events in Japan and all the crap being buried in my back yard (the west desert) I vote against nuclear power as well. we really need to get on the solar thing, make it more efficient and cost effective and lets run with it. we need to further explore wind and waves. any movement we can turn into electricity lets do it. digging up coal and hauling it then burning it just makes more of a mess, which is why I do not support electric cars. just because the junk isn't coming out your tail pipe doesn't mean there wasn't junk put in the air to get you down the road. and think about where those batteries come from and how they are made and where they go when their dead. its not as clean as you think.

just a couple of my cents on the subject.

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