Sunday, June 6, 2010

its called a GPS.

People are great and I think everyone should know a few, but there is one thing they do that makes me more than a little insane. It's when they call for directions and give you their location as "I'm next to a stop sign, I can see some cows in a field." Or "I just passed a big gray building." This no longer helps as it may have 60 years ago since we now have several places where there are both stop signs and cows and we now have multiple gray buildings in any given city. Of course 60 years ago we didn't have cell phones to call people to tell them where you are. The worst is when they interrupt you telling them how to get where they need to be to announce more cows or another field. I sometimes will get the more precise location of "I'm on the corner of 600 west and 300 north." Then I ask, "Of what city." The reply to which is, "I don't know." How can I possibly give you directions to where you want to be when you don't know what city you are in?! "Well I got off at this exit and went this direction for a while then I turned at the church and then turned at the walmart." Again this would be fine if there was only one church or walmart per every sixty miles but our need for fairly priced nick knacks has caused an infestation of walmarts and well I do live in Utah so there is a church on every other corner.
To me, the concept that I can pay 80 bucks and have a device in my car that lets me know where I am at all times and gives me clear directions of how to reach a destination, well I think its heaven sent. How does it know I often ask myself. Of course it isn't always correct and you need to exercise good judgment when using it, but in my opinion well worth the money and everyone should own one and know how to use it.


Sami Antha said...

Now I feel crappy 'cause that's exactly what I did to you when we first moved down here and got lost in your city. "I'm at a gas station, I can see a Wal-Mart..."

Mostly Broken said...

sami you're my baby sis, i let you get away with nearly anything.

Mark said...

worse than that? When I ask somebody for their address and they proceed to give me directions! Give me the frickin' address! I have a GPS! I do not need your lousy directions! Yup, your directions make sense to you, but not to anybody else! Give me the frickin' address!

Jer said...

Hey - I have an app for that!

Don't forget your GPS when you come visit us because... well, you'll need it. How can I explain this... every leg of the intersection in front of my house has a different street name... how does that even make sense?!

yomama said...

I agree with Mark!!! Frickin Frickin Frickin!

Jer said...

Hey remember when you used to blog? This reeks of a moldy oldie... So, everyone, Jeremy has some big news... he's pregnant! And he's gonna be a soccer player!

Remember when you ate dog food and got worms? Good times... good times indeed. You were so cute back then. lol.

You should bring this blog back from the dead and we will celebrate again. jklolbtwfyibff