Saturday, October 2, 2010


I invented a new game, its awesome so listen up. its a cross between soccer and rugby, its played with a soccer ball and soccer nets, they may need to be smaller. to score you have to kick it into the net. no there is no goalie so feel free to kick away. You can carry the ball but it is legal to tackle if the ball is in your hands. you can not pick the ball up, it has to be kicked up. you have to have both hands on the ball while holding it or throwing it. All players must be within half the field of the ball so no goal tending or cherry picking. after playing I may decide on a time limit for holding the ball. to start the game the ref tosses the ball into a circle of players in the center of the field kind of like hockey but with feet instead of sticks. if you are tackled and still hold the ball just get up and run again, if you tackle and knock the ball away its yours if you can get it.

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