Sunday, April 18, 2010

my favorite toy from the 80's

I will start by telling a story that got me onto this thing again. Heidi and I were talking about something in the kitchen and max came and asked me to pull the arms off of one of my star wars lego guys. I was a little bugged and said no I don't want those taken apart go put the legs back on it. he then tells me that he as already taken some of the other ones apart. i said put them back together i don't want the parts lost. he then says "I don't know how." at this point i am a bit more bugged and I call out as he walks away "Don't take stuff apart you cant put back together." (not only hypocritical but dumb as every one knows little boys need to take things apart and leave pieces everywhere how else will they learn to do the same with a car later on) well my advise throws me into a flash back of the eighties. I had this toy, well it was THE COOLEST TOY EVER! the milton bradly Big Trak. it was a space like tank with a blue photon laser canon. it had six wheels and you programed in instructions then it would indicate it understood the commands and execute them then indicate it had completed the instructions with the same series of beeps. well mine stopped working and I took it all apart and could not fix it or get it back together. it was probably just batteries but i really wanted to see how it worked. needles to say it never worked again. thinking of it nearly made me cry.
i started to search ebay and the web to find one again and found video of them and the sounds were like this crazy warm fuzzy flash back of everything good that happened as a child.
I am proud to say that 2 from ebay are coming my way and I greatly look forward to photon laser canon fights with max in the kitchen. I have also made a new rule. any american boy should have a big trak for a proper child hood. luckily for all you who wish for a proper upbringing of a son they will be reproducing the big trak and they will be available this summer. they will also be making the big trak jr.

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