Sunday, April 4, 2010

still working on my book

i am nearly 30000 words into this now and have decided on a semi major rewrite. just gotta change some stuff up a bit but shouldn't be too hard. i was thinking when this is done i may do a series on an emo chick who sits in her room by herself all the time but loves this way older stocker type who sneaks into her room to watch her while she sleeps in her undies. he does it in the name of protection and even though his love and friendship could be the end of her life they share an unquenchable lust for one another. even when his friends and associates nearly kill her they can't stay away from each other. she has a really good friend who is lots of fun and likes her a lot but he doesnt watche her in her sleep so its a no go for sure. in the end she throws her life away to become more like him. its a real tear jerker i think everyone will like it.


A snippet from the Vincents said...

I just don't know if a plot like that would be very popular - especially when it comes to teenage girls.

Mostly Broken said...

its kind of riding on the emo thing, its very in right now. i guess i could make him a blood sucking vampire to spice it up.

yomama said...

Also married women. They would hate that storyline as well. It sounds stupid. I don't think people would like the movie either. People certainly would NOT wait in line all night to watch something with that lame of a plot.