Thursday, November 19, 2009

to moe

dear moe
i don't know who you are. you are one of my 9 followers bringing me to near double digits in popularity.
i am kind of excited, like i have a secret admirer or the like.
maybe you're my edward. sneaking into my room to watch me sleep with your diamond like skin. i appreciate your devotion but it creeps me out so don't hang out in my room while i'm asleep. i know its the in thing now but it just strikes me as wrong.
you could be a secret agent checking me out for a special assignment.
or a member of the secret service making sure i'm not planning an assassination. (i'm really not)
or an alien friend of mine keeping track of a mind control device that was planted years ago. (it no longer works)
or maybe your a millionaire on your death bed trying to find some kind soul who enlightens others with clever remarks on the world wide web that you would like to leave all your money to. well i am that man my friend.
i wait to see if you make a post so i can guess who you are. but you just sit there in utter silence with no photo and no clues as to your identity. its kind of weird but kind of ok with me. especially if there is money involved. unless i have to pay to get it shipped to me from nigeria

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