Sunday, November 22, 2009

explanation of unseen things

i would like to talk about something serious now. this is something that threatens peoples lives every day. most people never see it coming and is always blamed on something else, heart attack, stroke, trip and fall and any number of unavoidable sudden disasters in peoples lives.

its invisible ninjas. they are everywhere. you may think what can i do to protect myself? well there is a special group of people who do just that, protect you and your family from surprise invisible ninja attacks.

have you ever seen someone throwing a punch or a high round house kick to what appears to be air? or perhaps using invisible nun chucks, sword, or staff. these are trained professionals who not only see invisible ninjas but do fierce and deadly battle with them every day. have you ever seen someone who appears to be having a heated argument all by themselves. they are in a heated exchange with an invisible ninja.

now you may think that people using invisible guns would be included with this group of protectors. no they are just crazy people. there is no such thing as an invisible gun.

i did once witness a man at a bus stop who was in an invisible ninja rock band. i believe he used music to disarm his foe and turn them from their evil ways of senseless killing. i would like to tip my hat to that man, he has my utmost respect.

i am one of those protectors who is charged with defending the ninja blind. i and my family are under constant attack from these unseen menacing masters of kung foo. there have been many instances when a quick throat jab or kick to the head has saved the lives of those i love.

my reason for telling my story is to open the doors of communication and understanding. to build bridges of hope and caring between our two worlds. i do not do it to brag of my amazing bow staff skills or my ability to catch and return an invisible throwing star with inhuman like speed and accuracy. no this is about a new world where the ninja blind and protectors can come together under the umbrella of respect. you to respect my amazingness and me to respect your inability to defend yourself against the unseen deliverers of death.

you may join my cause by donating money so that i may provide the invisible but desperately needed weapons. when you donate you will receive a card with invisible letters explaining which protector was trained and what weapon they received on your behalf. also your name will be placed on a list that will entitle you to special protection. and perhaps the most comforting blessing you will receive; the next time you see someone karate chopping the air you will have the sense of belonging to that special group that defend the innocent against the evil that is... invisible ninja.


Jer said...


I could not believe the intensity of battle between the rock band ninja-blind protector and the actual invisible ninjas... that man, we will call him Wayne to keep him anonymous, is a true hero. The things he must have not seen in battle with the invisible ninjas... I take off my invisible ninja-fighting hat in reverence for his daily, selfless sacrifice fighting invisible ninjas at the bus stop.

Tams said...

Bless you invisible ninja fighters! I will not be afraid to walk the streets of Salt Lake any longer. Tonight I will have much more peaceful dreams.

Also... can one be recruited and trained into this group?