Sunday, September 20, 2009

my new calling

i was finally released from the elders quorum after nearly 4 years and now am serving with my lovely bride in the primary. we team teach the 10 year old kids. its like a dream job. only requires sundays and i get to sit with my wife throughout the entire sunday block. heidi has more experience with teaching kids so she comes prepared with games and stuff. i'm used to reading through the lesson once and having a big discussion about the topic and not getting to finish the lesson because everyone has a story about their mission they wanted to tell. today i taught and apparently the curtains were much more interesting. the kids were just tipping their chairs and fiddling with dresses and anything else they could reach. it kind of sucked. i told heidi she was going to have to teach from now on but i doubt that will fly, shes not a huge fan of teaching either even though it goes much better when she does it.
last week we were practicing for the primary program and we all had to watch the chorister so we knew when to stand and sit. well apparently i took a half step to one side while standing and then when instructed to sit i only got half of the chair and it must have been my lighter half since i promptly leaned to the un-chaired side and fell to the ground. not just your regular i've fallen and can't get up, no this had some flair to it as the chaired side of my posterior flipped over the un-chaired side and threw my face into the wall. the kids thought this was the funniest thing ever. i quickly jumped back into my seat very red faced and enjoyed the giggles coming from my class. good times! good times!


Pam said...

Wow. That caused me to laugh out loud! Awesome!

Kathi said...

I love our calling for the same reasons. It's great to teach the kids together. Mike gets really goffy with our 11 & 12 year olds to keep their attention. They laugh alot, but they do learn too. When you make them laugh they remember it a lot longer. I'm sure no one who saw you fall will ever forget it. I bet you are great with kids that age!