Sunday, September 20, 2009

do it your self

i am a do it yourselfer. which can give you a great sense of accomplishment but it also has its draw backs. instead of buying things i need or want often times i try to build it my self which usually costs more, looks worse and sometimes results in not just time to build what ever but time off work from an injury.
there are several things you should not do yourself...ever. the first is dry wall. especially if you are trying to stop cussing. the second is dry wall. and the third is dentistry.
i am however considering taking up acupuncture. i figure if i build a board with all the little needles sticking out then lay flat on my tummy and lower the board using a pulley system connected to the ceiling it should work.
or my second idea is to set up a manifold system with pipes and an air compressor. i could use a web cam to aim it and then hit a button which would be connected to a valve and launch the small needles into the correct pain relieving spot on my back or neck. i know that 100 psi will shoot a broomstick out of a pipe, across the back yard and sink it into a dirt hill about a foot and a half. so with those calculations i figure 65 psi will be about right. now i just need a map of what spot on the back is connected to what pain and about 3 to 400 bucks in parts and i could save my self the 60 bucks it would cost to go to a trained professional.


Gifford Family said...

Hmmmmm.... I think I would stick with the professional!!!

Kristi said...

I love reading your posts! I think you should write for... something that will pay you money. You crack me up.