Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Freedom of Religion

I planned on doing some editing to my last post because I wasn't finished with it, but people have already read it so I decided to put the rest of my ideas in a second post. Freedom of religion has to be kept within some bounds. Now you may think this is not freedom but the same as God gives us freedom that freedom is within some boundaries. First off I think religion should be defined as a group with specific rituals and practices that are centered around worshiping God as the creator of all things. This is a short loose definition and needs work but the idea is it eliminates satan worship as a recognizable religion and removes it from political protection. There are other weird concepts out there that this also eliminates. I also think that as a recognizable religion it should not tear down other groups of people or religions or promote violence against others.
Once we clearly define religion we can define the freedoms it has. The state or government should not have any influence in what religion its citizens participate in and should not sponsor or show favoritism towards any specific religion. It should also not oppress any religious group or idea. I love the saying Freedom of Religion not Freedom from Religion. I think as a community we should embrace what common threads we share with those of other faiths and celebrate and support each other as it promotes piece and happiness in a community. This is why the displaying of the 10 commandments in state owned buildings and prayer in school and in congress should be allowed, it brings us together as a people. By tearing those things down we are separated and secluded. Our beliefs in God are pushed back to the point we will only openly discuss Him on Sunday in church. To me this is not freedom it is oppression. By allowing small groups and individuals to take away our rights to freedom is wrong. I am offended that the 10 commandments are not more prominently displayed where others can see and be reminded of the way we live our lives I am offended that prayer is not being said in schools. I am offended by those who are offended.

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