Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter with max

In charlie and the chocolate factory the kid gets one candy bar for his birthday, he is so happy to have it and he shares with the family. Its sad and heart warming at the same time. Well for Easter we decided to bring it down a notch for several reasons, watching what we spend and lower the stress level were 2 of them. I was at wal mart on sat. Easter weekend and it was like Christmas eve (man i hate that place). I grabbed Max a chocolate rabbit and figure that's good enough for this year. Max loves loves loves chocolate. So Sunday morning no presents, no baskets and he didn't notice anything was different. Then HD hands him the choco rabbit and he says "whats this?" then requests help opening it. He bites the ears off and puts it back into the box and hands it to me and says "I don't want it, you can have it." Sad and heart warming at the same time, just like the movies. Ok it was more funny and weird at the same time but hey at least he wasn't whining about no basket full of peeps. (i miss my peeps)


Kristi said...

I like that story. We decided to ditch the candy and baskets too. I think that they distract from the Savior in Easter. We did get new church clothes though.

Amanda and Jeremy said...

Wow. I wouldn't have passed up a chocolate easter bunny! I asked Jeremy if he wanted me to get him an Easter basket and he said no. I was kinda sad about it.