Saturday, May 23, 2009

the hipocracy of subaru

The problem I have with subaru is not the cars but a couple of ads they are running. In one ad they come right out and say "yes we are tree huggers" well thats all fine and dandy I think its great that a company would take it upon themselves to do positive things for the environment or at least minimize the negative impact or "carbon foot print".
However in one ad they tell a story about a guy who loved his old forester. He and a friend drive 2 cars for 2 days to get to a place called subaru heaven. Now subaru heaven is a nice place,rolling green hills, under a big beautiful tree where some genius decided that cars as good as subaru's should be parked to die. Because "you don't let your 300000+ mile forester be towed off by some wrecker to who knows where." Well let me tell you where. It goes to a wrecking yard where it can be salvaged for parts and then recycled. But I guess if your car is good enough you and a buddy should take 4 days off work to drive and burn fuel in 2 cars to park your too good for recycling subaru under a nice tree where it can leak fuel and oil and other chemicals into the roots of a tree that is clearly over 100 years old. I really don't know how they can call themselves responsible let alone tree huggers when this ad they are running just goes against everything that tree huggers stand for and I really don't know how a person who knows anything about environmental responsibility could feel good about just ditch their car under a tree in such a clean beautiful part of the world.


Craig said...

Yeah...this is a great example of a really unclear message sent through an ad. There's a laser hair-removal billboard on the east side of I-15 just north of SLC that says "Real men don't shave" and has a picture of this really scrawny, awkward, hairless little dude flexing his muscles. It confuses the bejeebers out of me. Are they trying to say he's a real man because he doesn't shave? Did he shave before, but then used their hair removal process and is now, hithertofore, a "real man"? Did he used to be buff, then he started shaving, then became scrawny and awkward? The possibilities are endless, and endlessly confusing.

But your subaru ad takes the cake for hypocrisy and confusing-ness.

Shelly said...

Wow, that really was dumb! And they pay people to come up with these ads???

the3bfgs said...

Of course now they have achieved their purpose in getting their cars in everyone's thoughts.

Actually, I am commenting because the word verification characters I am supposed to type in are "nonsu". I HAD to after seeing that!

Coah said...

It reminds me of Al Gore flying in his private jet to conferences about his "An Inconvenient Truth".