Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Fun

So far this summer has been packed with fun. We have hiked a little, done dinner a few times up the canyon over a fire, had marshmallows and smores, hot dogs and good good times around the camp fire. The little fire pit in the back yard has been used as well a few times. We have had more pop corn than you can shake a stick at.
Max and I have had sword fights, staff fights, invisible power fights, blanket fights, tag on the tramp, worked on plumbing, mowers, bikes and rc cars and all together toooooo much time on the video games. The other day we went skim boarding in a flooded field, at first it was cold and painful but once the feet were numb it was good times, every once in a while we had to warm our feet up so we could feel the board or else you just fall off. There was a perfect balance of numbed and feeling to be able to do it. If that makes any sense.
We have also done seven peaks and trafalga a couple times. We have gone bowling, and done some arcade, watched people surf in a pool and fly in a cage.
I have gone mountain biking and done one of the most difficult and technical trails I have ever been on and remembered how much I love it. Losing weight has really increased the enjoy-ability of biking I must say. Can't wait to go again.
The annual Home Stead trip was a couple weeks ago and filled with good food, family and fun. We played volley ball, bad mitten, frisbee and swam till we were sick.
I scored high points with my very thoughtful birthday gift for my lovely bride, a pretty blue beach cruiser, she loves it. We have gotten full use out of the scooter we bought. I have found entertaining ways to carry junk on it so I don't have to take the car.
The other day I got to replace my ball joints in the truck (HARD), it was fun to work on a real vehicle again, best truck ever, I love driving it, it is so choice, if you have the means I highly recommend picking one up. I'll get some photos up later of our summer fun so far.


Craig Christiansen said...

Don't forget the future fun, BBQ writer's club.

Mostly Broken said...

oh I won't forget that!

Pam said...

I don't know . . . I can shake a stick at a LOT of popcorn.

Mostly Broken said...

I accept your CHALLENGE! Stick shaking contest at my house this sunday sunday sunday. or maybe we can do it on google plus

Jer said...

I'm kind of excited for this upcoming week of stick shaking, skim boarding, smore smores, dutch oven cooking, sunburns, mosquito bites, poison oak, and maybe even a nap. Oh yeah, and seeing some family...