Sunday, January 23, 2011

lifes little lessons

Some times in life we get the chance to learn a lesson, sometimes they are great lessons and some times they are small tidbits of information that prove to be helpful along the road. Well here is the one I learned this week. Stabbing yourself in the finger with an exacto knife is counter productive. I had planned on saturday to get my new radio controlled heli into the air. I have a new gyro and a few other parts to get it back together and functioning but first thing when I sat down at my wrenchin bench I picked up an exacto knife to cut a wire tie off and proceeded to stab myself to the bone. Heidi had just left out the door for a run and I had to call her back to help me. It needed stitches but I didn't want to go to the doctor and opted for the home remedy of super glue instead. The glue created a large wrinkled looking scab on top and didn't seal off the wound. I decided I didn't want to look at the ugliness and put a band aid on it. I figured when in doubt put a band aid on. well the band aid pushed the large super glue and blood scab into the wound and pressed the two pieces of skin apart like a wedge, instead of pulling them together. I tried picking it off but it really just hurt.
the other little lesson I learned is little things can be hard. things like tucking in your shirt, opening jars, turning on the turn signal, carrying boxes, carrying small children to their beds from the car, getting your wallet form your pocket, washing hair, tying a tie and so on. in the shower I managed to get the glue scab most of the way off. this seemed to have an odd effect on my head as I became woozy and had a strange desire to lay on the floor. once Heidi cut the rest of it off we got a butterfly band aid on it and that seems to be helping. well at least the skin isn't bulging out on one side. but it made a weird looking puckering at the end, should be an interesting scar when its all over.


Kristi said...

Oh sick, I wish I could help. That makes my tummy hurt. Sorry!

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