Sunday, December 12, 2010

Disneyland was awesome

Heidi and I took a trip to California all by ourselves, we hit Disneyland and California adventure and the beach and some surf shops. it was a killer cool trip. Max stayed with grandma and grandpa Christiansen so our time was not dictated by a small person with a small tummy, small bladder and short legs. we hit whatever ride we wanted as many times as we wanted, ate what we wanted when we wanted and hit the restroom when it was convenient rather than an emergency.
Tuesday we had a magic morning and got in early, we did space mountain three times in a row first thing. space mountain is my favorite ride, we also did screamin like ten times. thats my second favorite. the longest line was probably about a half hour so not too big of a deal. small world was the longest line. all in all it was a ton of fun and i would do it again but I missed max so not too soon. when he's a little bigger i'm sure we will go more often.
Kristi and Jer met us for Friday and brought Hyrum, he was a trooper and not too needy but it still changed the dynamics to have a kid around. there were a couple rides he didn't want to do but he did them anyway, way to go Hyrum.
Small world 1
space mountain 6
matterhorn 3
thundermountain 3
haunted mansion 2
peter pan 1
tea cups 1
story book 1
splash mountain 1
indiana jones 2
jungle cruise 1
Pinocchio 1
pirates 3

california screamin 8
ferris wheel 2
swings 2
zephir 1
ill add any more i remember


Sami Antha said...

I'll give you my kids so I can go have some fun! I don't even remember what it's like.

Mostly Broken said...

fun is over rated sami but you can drop your kids off anytime. good ol gid and vto love em! miss em! haven't met the one yet!

Shelly said...

What? No Tower of Terror? I can't believe you even did Small World, Peter Pan, and some of those others with NO KIDS! Are you guys crazy? Those lines are always the longest. We're going in March with Corey's family - can't wait!

Mostly Broken said...

I think we did do tower of terror but just once.maybe we will show up in march so you can get the use of my disneyland wait time app. yup there's an app for that.