Sunday, July 19, 2009

a cute thing max did.

so yesterday Heidi said to me "maybe you could put a post on your blog tomorrow." so I asked what I should blog church about and she replied "I don't know, some cute thing max did."

not sure if this would qualify but Max and I went to the homecoming of my cousin brad in Lindon. while we sat in the back of the meeting Max got bored, Heidi usually brings a bag of tricks for him. I forgot the bag so he lasted about 20 min then started to entertain himself by hitting me and putting his hands in my face and grabbing at me. really annoying at the time but if you think about it he has just missed my attention because I have been working more then normal as of late.

I decided not to try a strange primary for him as he did not do well in sacrament. we headed back to the Nichols house to wait for the open house to begin and max started asking questions about the church and if it was Jesus' church because it was strange that our church was Jesus' and this church was also. It turned into a good teaching moment as we talked about other churches and why everybody doesn't go to the same church. I sure was glad I had the answers. it was a little difficult to word it so a kid will understand but a good father son moment.


A snippet from the Vincents said...

here's a little tip when you forget bag of tricks - go to the library - they have paper and crayons and scissors and stuff, it could buy you another 20 minutes.

Tams said...

When do we get to hear more about what Max did? And Hi-D? And you too I guess... BLAST!!! ;)