Saturday, March 16, 2013

What the heck is my deal

I have priorities, I really do, but somehow they seem to get put on the back burner for other junk I need to do. Do not be offended if I helped you with something lately and just called it junk to do. But yes I have been busy. Not Heidi busy but not many people can keep a pace like her. Here is the list of things I have high priority on. Cleaning my garage! It makes me nuts that my creative work space is cluttered by unfinished projects, tools everywhere and junk, junk, junk. I need my space bro! and Heidi still likes to park in there too!

Next would be my book. I am 94000+ words and right near the finish but to fully enjoy it I want a bunch of stuff done and off my mind so I can enjoy finishing it, like saving your favorite food till the last thing on your plate. The problem is that lots of people like me and keep filling up my plate. That's great I love to help, I just need to throw the book to the front and dig in. The truth is my plate will never be empty so just jump into what you love I guess.

Next is the closet I built for Heidi  it still needs doors, small project but the garage is hanging me up, next after that is my closet, I need more hanging space and well  I need my garage done to really get into this wood project, also Heidi said not until I finish the closet doors, You know me Heidi! I get things 3/4 done and move on to the next thing! grrrrr I want to tear apart our closet now.

Then there are the really fun things, Like a super detailed vw micro bus pinewood derby car for the adult derby, and now for a little drooling, my new but never tried before special love of building hollow hood surfboards. I know this is going to be killer cool and tons of fun but once again I will need space in my garage and now I need a shed out back for doing the fiberglass part.

I still need steps on my deck, good crud I have a deck six feet in the air and no steps. I guess I just got it 3/4 done and moved on.

I can finish all the food on my plate plus Heidi and Max's plates! Why can't I finish these dumb projects.

Also high on the list is stripping and polishing my bike. I can't wait for that sweet sweet look of polished aluminum.

I need to make a list, check it twice and just start knocking out unfinished projects. and let go of some crap that I just will never finish like that stupid coffin shaped carying case for my helicopter I sold months and months ago. It's 3/4s done and taking up half of one of my project tables in my garage, the other half is full of parts for my deck step railing!!


This last week I talked Heidi into letting me buy yet another tool box. It's big and red and puuuuurty. and now all of my automotive tools are in one tool box, with wheels! so it can be moved around and not clog up my space.

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